Zambia: Seminar for Senior Media Practitioners

by Fabrice Djimadoum, UPF Zambia

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) in collaboration with the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) held a One-Day Seminar for Senior Media Practitioners on 26th Sept 2019 at Peace Embassy in Lusaka. Fifteen (15) Senior Journalists from both public and private institutions attended the seminar.

The theme of the Seminar was “The Role of Media in Peace Building”. The purpose of the seminar is to inform and educate the media (senior Journalists, news editors of online, TV, Radio, newspaper) about UPF and FFWPU and True Parents.

Several speakers addressed the participants. On the high table, there were Former Ambassador to Japan, Godfrey Simasiku, Rt. Col. Lusaka Robinson, Peace Council Member.

The first speaker was Ambassador Godfrey Simasiku, former Ambassador of Zambia in Japan, active Peace Council Member. Addressing the participants, he encouraged participants to be objective in their reports as the pen is mightier than the sword, as journalists, we need to have high moral values and ethics. A video show on the introduction of UPF was shown to the participants present.

The second speaker was the Secretary General of UPF Zambia, Rev. Rudolf Faerber. In his PowerPoint presentation titled “God’s Original Ideal of Peace”. In his presentation, he emphasized on the value and importance of peace and the role, the media practitioner must play to bring lasting peace. He also stressed on the importance of the protection of the environment.

The third speaker was the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Zambia chapter President, Rev. David Isaac Phiri. In his PowerPoint on the “Media and Education”. He presented True Parents’ Vison on Media for Humanity. He also presented the Media achievement by True Parents with the creation of different media organizations. He also presented True Parents Philosophy of Education and its purpose for humanity.

A vote of thanks was given by a Journalist. In her remarks, she thanked the organizers for the initiative and education which they received and are ready to utilize them in their profession.

At the end, thirteen participants received certificates of Ambassadors for Peace.


“The Seminar was very informative. As I am going home, I will take it upon myself to contribute Peace Building and also building morals using my skills as journalists, we suppose to give information that reflect what society to be.” —Mr. Francis Mwiinga Maingaila, Correspondent Zambia 24 online media.

“I attended this workshop to learn more about Peace Building whenever there is peace, it will contribute for the sustainability of the country. As a journalist, I will make sure that peace prevails in our country for the benefit of our community and to ensure each and everyone access to their basic needs.’ —Ms. Sandra Pumulo Machima, Journalist, Daily Nation Newspaper.

“It was a good workshop, we learnt a lot and I am looking forward to share what I learnt. As a journalist, it is important to go out there to gather information which is truthfully and accurate, also aiming to shaping what society supposed to be.”  —Mr. Bulumba Collins Nyambe, Journalist-Power Television.

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