USA: Bay Area Retreat Series – September UP Seminar

by Gabriela von Euw, CARP USA

On September 28th, we kicked off on our first weekend Unification Principles (UP) Seminar of the semester. The purpose of this retreat was to more deeply study and understand CARP’s founding principles and learn how to incorporate those into our life.

The UP Seminar was held at the Principled Academy in San Leandro, and a total of 17 participants came to engage in activities, discussions, and learning.

The theme was “The Importance of Universal Principles,” and Younng-Joo Scharf, one of our members, gave the opening introduction for the content that was to follow. She shared with us that every person strives to achieve happiness, but there is a contradiction within us that is preventing us from reaching it. We need to understand this contradiction and how to remove it to achieve our full potential.

The main content was given by CARP mentors, Kazuya Morita and Markus von Euw. The final talks delved deeper into the idea of the contradiction and explored where it may have come from.

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