Thailand: Establishment of Mayor Association for World Peace

Victory for the Vision of Establishing Mayor Association for World Peace for the substantiation of Cheon Il Guk in Kalasin Province, Thailand

Prepared by FFWPU Thailand

On October 4th, 2019; Heavenly Tribal Messiah team in Kalasin, centering on Dr. Ronachit Phutthala, former Chief of District in Kalasin and Mrs. Sangkom Netsopa, Heavenly Tribal Messiah’s Victor, successfully launched consultation to launch Mayor Association for World Peace in Kalasin centering on Heavenly Tribal Messiah and YSP providence for the goal to expand Heavenly Tribal Messiahship and YSP projects with ownership of local government administration and community leaders to make Kalasin providence become a Model of Cheon Il Guk providence of the world. 

There were 113 participants, including Chairman of Sub-district administration office, Subdistrict headmen, Village headmen, Director of health promotion community hospital, teachers, government and community leaders with great support from former Kalasin University President and former Vice Governor of Nakhon Phanom province.  All of them are blessed families and many of them completed 3-day ceremony and received Divine Principle Seminar before. 

Dr. Ronachit and Mrs. Nuanchan Phutthala who currently also are Chairman of FFWPU Kalasin gave wonderful conclusion report on the work of FFWPU and YSP in all 18 districts of Kalasin in last 6 years and how are the teaching and vision of peace of Father and Mother Moon and FFWPU can help promoting peace, happiness and unity of Kalasin people, especially solving the problems that government really concern and worry, such as domestic violence, family break down, crime, youth problem, drug abuse, etc.  

Mrs. Sangkom inspired all participants by explanation of Vision 2020 of Father and Mother Moon to create world peace and make Kalasin to become Model of Peaceful Province of the world.  Also, Dr. Ronachit explained powerfully that each process of education and activities of Heavenly Tribal Messiah and YSP project can transform people and make people happy.  That can support the vision of UN SDGs which FFWPU and YSP had signed MOU with many local government administration organizations in Kalasin.  Participants watched a video presentation about Heavenly Tribal Messiah and YSP projects in Kalasin since 2012 until now. 

Representative of participants shared their experiences as blessed families who practice the teaching and blessed family tradition in their families and communities.  They shared about what have happened in their sub-districts or communities after going through Blessing ceremony, workshop, education programs and Filial Heart of Thai Youth camp of YSP.  They also explained about how Heavenly Tribal Messiah and YSP projects influenced people in their communities in becoming a better and happier people.  All participants were inspired and determined to continue to invest, support and expand Heavenly Tribal Messiah and YSP projects. 

At the event, the atmosphere was full of ownership and unity spirit to make Kalasin province become model province of cheon il guk.  The event ended by singing charitable contest to raise fund to support the activities of FFWPU Thailand.

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