Spain: Blessing Ceremony at the Night of Religions

By Dulce Balil, FFWPU Spain

On September 14 and 15, representatives of FFWPU Spain participated at the “La Nit de les Religions” program in Barcelona, organized by Audir and sponsored by the City Hall of Barcelona.

In this edition, which is celebrated for the fourth consecutive year in the City, 47 religious and spiritual traditions have participated and have opened their doors to all citizens, offering attractive programs.

On Saturday afternoon, four of us and two invited friends of our Family Federation, we participated in a route with the Interreligious Group of the neighborhood of Gracia directed by his coordinator. We were also accompanied by the President of AUDIR, Unesco Association for Interreligious Dialogue and her husband.

On Sunday we prepared with the collaboration of some families our event of the Holy Blessing that was held from 12 to 13 in our center Ronda Barcelona.

We count on the valuable cooperation of all the blessed families. We had prepared it thoroughly, it finally came out very well, with Hector and Dulce from MC, Artur and Neta Beshaj as officiators.

We gave an explanation of the Blessing and showed a short video, followed by the testimonies of two of our blessed couples, Santi and Nellie and Salvador and Kanyapat. Then all the participants received Holy Wine and Holy water, Artur and Neta gave the blessing prayer and we invited one couple to cut the cake. We then sang all together Saranghe holding hands, while the children wave on the stage the international flags and as a gold brooch of the encounter the “Og Mansei”, directed by Santiago Temprado, full of emotion, shocked the whole room. Then we took a group photo and shared a snack together with tasting dishes from different countries prepared by our families.

17 guests attended some attracted by the propaganda of the Nit de les Religions, including the director of the AFRICAT Association, African and Catalan Association of Cooperation, Mr. Jean- Bosco Botsho and his Catalonian wife. And Father Alfonso, from the Orthodox Church of Syria. Some neighbors and family friends as well as new guests.

They were all very happy to participate. We are very grateful to Heavenly Parent, the True Parents and all our beloved families for their participation and help. Thank you very much!

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