South Africa: Leaders of the Revelation Church of God trained as Mobilizers

Prepared by FFWPU South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa – 100 Commanders and Pastors of the Revelation Church of God (RCG) attended a training in order to become mobilizers and fast track the Pre-Blessing activities in preparation for the December 7, 2019 Continental Blessing at the FNB Stadium in Soweto.

This one-day workshop that took place at the African Centre for Excellence (ACE), was organized by FFWPU so as to have more mobilizers who are ready to take up the challenge of pre-Blessing of at least 430 couples each as part of the greater strategy to prepare as many couples as possible from within South Africa for True Mother.

The decision was made last Monday, October 7, 2019 after a meeting between Rev. Bakary Camara, Heavenly Africa Regional Group Chairman and Dr Prophet Samuel Radebe, founder of the RCG and the SB Foundation that runs the ACE. Prophet Radebe wants to ensure a bigger and better welcome to True Mother in December.

The program started with a prayer from Rev. Jean Augustin Ghomsi, the Heavenly Africa Witnessing and Education Department Director and another from a pastor of the RCG. They both prayed for a successful welcome to True Mother.

President Derrick Sibisi, President of the RCG, welcomed everyone and stressed the great partnership between FFWPU/UPF and the RCG as well as special bond between Prophet and Mother Moon. He then invited Rev. Robert Williamson, the Special Envoy for South Africa. Rev. Williamson greeted everyone and express how pleased he is to be at this gathering.

Rev. Bakary Camara, expressed his heart of gratitude to Prophet Radebe for allowing this workshop and conveyed the greetings of Mother Moon to all, greetings that were received with great applause. He shared how last Tuesday Rev. Ghomsi and he were invited to visit the “Temple”, the holy ground of the RCG. “It was a great experience and to be there with Prophet praying for the success of the December event. The trip started from here at 2:00 AM and at 6:00 we went to pray. You have a great leader with special spiritual roots and you should be proud of yourself,” Rev. Camara said. He told everyone how he is eagerly looking forward to working with them.

Rev. Ghomsi, as lecturer, introduced the program of the day that had basically three parts: 1) the value and meaning of the Blessing, 2) the process of the Blessing and 3) how to conduct the Blessing. In the first part, he stressed the fact that True Parents have succeeded in establishing a true family and is sharing their victory with all humankind. “All the problems faced by human beings today are family related; thus, only by strengthening marriage and family can we be able to eradicate these problems and establish a peaceful nation. True Mother is offering the Blessing as the solution to our problems, the problems of South Africa and the world,” he said. He exhorted all the amasoshas (soldiers, members of RCG) of the RCG to support the Movement to heal South Africa, Africa and the world.

He then explained the history and process of the Blessing with a special emphasis on how the Blessing has become a global Movement for peace.

After lunch, Rev. Ghomsi showed some videos on the Blessing before spending time on how to conduct the Blessing using slides. He invited a representative couple and went through the process of the Blessing from the Holy Juice Ceremony to the Indemnity Stick Ceremony. This was followed by questions and answers. One could see that they had learned a lot and were ready to implement and mobilize many couples not just from RCG but also in their communities.

They all enjoyed the program and thanked FFWPU/UPF for organizing this training. They are more hopeful than ever to tackle the problems of rape, gender-based violence and femicide in South Africa.

This workshop came at the right time where so many women and girls, few weeks ago, were on the streets marching against these problems and calling on the government to declare a state of emergency to seriously deal with the above-mentioned crimes and social ills.

True Mother, yes, a new batch of heavenly “soldiers” has just be trained to help you in bringing back the Heavenly Father’s and True Parents’ children home. Each has a target of pre-Blessing 430 couples.

Thank you for your grace and love. May you leave long enough to see the fruits of all these efforts!


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