Romania: Open Hoon Dok Hwe Event

Prepared by CARP Romania

On September 27, 2019, we organized 3rd Open HDH Event in this semester with our new guests and CARP members. The atmosphere of event was very positive because of Romanian young people with full of hope and positive energy!

This event started with introducing ourselves in order to know about each participant. And after wards we made 3 teams to read a HDH material and to do discussion centered on question. The HDH material was from Cheon Sung Gyung True Father’s Ward about meaning of ‘The reason God created universe is because of Love’. As first chapter of Divine Principle start like ‘Throughout history, people have anguished over the fundamental questions of human life and universe without arriving at satisfying answers… To approach this topic properly, it is not enough to examine resultant reality. The fundamental question is that of the causal reality.’

We tried to approach God as the sauce of love, life and our energy. Even people who came to this even teach of them had different faith and believes. But still we could discuss about God with so many different perspectives. As conclusion we could understand no matter what kind of faith you have, God is always with us to give love, life and energy for our lives. So we need to put our effort in everyday life in order to feel Him and live together with Him.

In the end of discussion each of team representatives came in front of everybody and share their conclusions. We were so happy to hear their conclusions which they realized how important to put effort to feel and understand about Heavenly Parent! We will continue this event in order to discuss Principle with Romanian young people and they can be the hope for Heavenly Parent and True Parents!

Thank you so much, Heavenly Parent and True Parents!

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