Peru: A Community Meeting and the Blessing of Marriage

By Trevor Edward Jones, UPF Peru

Sunday 29th September 2019. UPF Peru holding a meeting at the “Los Portales de Valle” community in Villa María del Triunfo district of Lima. It is located in the Cono Sur area of the city of Lima and was officially established as a district on December 28, 1961.

Joined together with Ambassadors for Peace who are working in this area “Cono Sur” supporting the local communities with Educational programs that present the personal and social benefits of marriage, promote a marriage-friendly culture, teach relationship skills, and encourage spiritual growth through relationships.

The ambassadors also arranged for the distribution of medicine and clothing to the local residents.

It was an enjoyable afternoon for everyone, with musical entertainment provided by a local group of traditional dancers, and food and drink prepared by the community was distributed to those present.

Dr. Jones and Mrs. Jones, with the support of Secretary General Mr. Jaime Fernandez shared about the importance of strong marriages and conduced a small ceremony where various couples renewed their marriage vows.

During the closing dinner the community leaders shared with UPF their desire to work together to improve the situation of the hundreds of families who live in this area where, until now, there is no proper water supply and the roads are not well established. They explained how they themselves, without any support from the local authority, had constructed stairs of concrete to help the people move between their houses on this steep hillside and the shops and transport in the district below.

The local ambassadors pledged to continue their efforts and leaders from other communities invited UPF to visit them.

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