New Zealand: International Peace Day 2019

Prepared by UPF New Zealand

In cooperation with Anne Degia-Pala, Founder of NIX CREW and Ambassador for Peace, Universal Peace Federation and Women Federation for World Peace organized “Peace One Day” weekend event from 21st to 22nd September. Ever since the Christchurch shooting that happened in March, many people have felt that New Zealand is not safe nor peaceful enough unless we promote interfaith dialog for mutual understanding. And this year’s UN Peace Day, 21st September was on Saturday so we extended our annual event to support UN Peace Day as “Peace One Day” weekend event.

The event was held at the Kelston Community center, heart of West Auckland region where many ethnic communities live. And this was first time for Auckland City Council to sponsor our Peace Federation’s event by providing the venue free of charge due to the good cause and the support by Anne who contributes to the local community in many ways.

1st day of the event consisted of 4 sessions; 1: Climate action for peace (Speaker: Mrs. Tracey Deane, AFP); 2: The values that will sustain our future (Speaker: Mr. Adel Jamati, UPF Director; Rev. Stan Stewart, St Heliers Presbyterian Church); 3: Exhibition of peace activities(Speaker: Mrs. Felicity Cairns, WFWP Chairwoman; Mr. Kenji Watanabe, FFWPU National Leader and UPF Executive Advisor); 4: Youth and students for peace inauguration (Mr. Geoffrey Prentice, Character Education educator; Mr. Amon Watanabe, youth representative)

Despite of a lot of components in the event and a whole day schedule, about 70 people attended from morning session to afternoon session enthusiastically.

One of highlights of the event was the launching of Youth and Students for Peace New Zealand chapter in the last session. International volunteers from Asia and CIG missionaries from Japan as well as local youths made a positive momentum through the inauguration program so that senior ambassadors for peace, women’s organizations members beyond their generations all participants were empowered by the energy of youth. And also our innovative approaches for peace through the recognition of leaders who live for sake of others as Ambassadors for Peace, reconciliation in action through sisterhood bridge ceremony, peace through marriage blessing were presented and the audience enjoyed the activity demonstrations.

UN International Day of Peace 2019 Program

Kelston Community Centre – 21 September

Overall Theme: “A Life of Service is the Real Path to Peace”

10:30am Arrivals Registration

11:00am Welcome Mr. Geoffrey Fyers – UPF-NZ Secretary General

11:10am Session 1 Climate Action For Peace

– Video: Message from UN Secretary General

– Speaker: “How Can Climate Create Peace”

By Mrs. Tracey Deane – Ambassador For Peace

11:30am Entertainment by Feng Jun Chia

11:40am Session 2 The Values that Will Sustain Our Future

– Speaker: “Absolute Values & World Peace”

By Mr. Adel Jamati – UPF-NZ Director

– Speaker: “The Need for Real Commitment”

By Rev. Stan Stewart – St. Heliers Presbyterian Church

– Speaker: “Universal Values for Peace“

By Mrs. Anne Degia-Pala QSM – Ambassador for Peace

12:15pm Light Lunch

1:30 pm Session 3 Exhibition of Peace Activities

– Ambassador For Peace Awards Presentation

– Bridge of Peace Ceremony

Led by Mrs. Felicity Cairns – WFWP-NZ President

– “World Peace Through Marriage”

By Mr. Kenji Watanabe – FFWPU-NZ Director

2:30 pm Break

3:00 pm Session 4 Youth and Students for Peace (YSP) Inauguration

– Entertainment

– Opening Remarks by Mr. Geoffrey Prentice

– Introduction of YSP by Mr. Amon Watanabe

– Resolution & Launch

– Congratulatory Song: Where Peace Begins

3:40pm Closing Remarks

– Mrs. Matapa Shelley – WFWP-NZ Executive Member

3:45pm Group Photo – Finish

2nd day of the event was an exhibition of peace organizations and foods to create peace festival atmosphere in front of the Kelston community center. Unification community members and some ambassadors for peace in the area made a cooperate effort to create it and people in the area joined us and enjoyed.

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