Mongolia: HJ Special CheonBo Event

By Erdenetsetseg Erdenee, FFWPU Mongolia

With a grateful heart to our beloved Heavenly Parent and True Parents we were able to hold a 2-day HJ Special CheonBo Event on October 26 to 27, 2019 in our Gachuurt training center in Mongolia with participation of 72 people.

In the beginning it was so challenging to make smooth preparation but because of True Mother devotional heart and words always encouraging us to offer our utmost sincerity we could be able to make this happen. After many years of waiting, finally having the event in Mongolia, we feel it is a new spring coming to Mongolia bringing us liberation and true love of Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

Many members felt this event was so powerful to change the spiritual atmosphere of our families and our countries completely. The spiritual power of the event deeply touched all member’s heart and attitude, and we could see this in what they say. Especially holding HJ cheonbo event at Gachuurt was so meaningful that we felt it is the beginning of the Kingdom of heaven on earth. Through the lectures participants felt an unchanging love and heart of filial piety towards heaven in order to restore our ancestors in the spirit world. 

All participants were truly inspired by Ceonbo staffs, the lecturer and the Chanyang team. They said that it was a great sacrifice for CheonBo team to come to Mongolia to make this event possible. We thank you so much, we love you, and we wish you blessing for your family. Participants felt completely liberated from the suffering heart and so they will make more effort to practice living with True parents with the heart of filial piety.

At the same time, we truly repent that we could not understand our True Parents’ heart and desire and dream. We are deeply sorry that we could understand how much they made huge sacrifices in order to restore us from the chain of Satan and evil spirits. We are truly grateful for Hyung Jin nim, Deamo nim, and Hyo jin nim.

We will keep this in mind that we should always develope the heart of filial piety and take ownership in every single step, and no matter what we should serve True parents with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

Indeed, based on the reality of our situation, it wasn’t easy to hold such a event, but by overcoming our limitation with the grace of heaven and our leader’s sincere prayer and encouragement we could see we are able to make anything possible.

Therefore, we will always keep the win-win strategy of loving one’s enemy centering on Heavenly Parent’s True love to fulfile our mission. Also True Parent’s legacy was giving to us as heavenly Tribal Messiah mission in order to restore God’s nation.

During our 40 days special conditions, we have prayed for our beloved True Parents dream becomes our Dream and we be able to build our nation of Mongolia as God’s nation. Therefore, we feel we’re not doing enough at all compere to what True mother is doing in all around the world. True Mother is working with desperate heart on the frontline everyday traveling all over the world in order to fulfill vision 2020. We sincerely feel our True mother is the Only Begotten Daughter of God and substantial Holy Spirit, One with True Father on earth giving all she has for saving all humankind from the hell and restore them to heaven.

Kamsa, kamsahaminda, Our Beloved True Mother, and True Parents.

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