Malaysia: Self-Pastoring Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU Malaysia

In September, Malaysian leaders visited the Kosei Church in Japan to learn and inherit the Self-Pastoring Program, developed by Rev. Sugita, District Leader of South Tokyo. This program was said to have revived the spirit of the whole Kosei church and after learning this content, we also felt that it could really inspire and revive the spirit of Malaysian members, be it blessed families, students youth as our second generation.

On 6 October 2019, FFWPU Malaysia HQ, organized the first “Self-Pastoring Workshop”, attended by around 100 participants. The workshop pointed out the blind spots in our life of faith. Due to our conventional and established concepts, past experiences and fallen nature, our lives were filled with conflict, struggles and suffering. Blessed families have been unable to lead a life of high noon settlement; and were unable to fulfil our missions and responsibilities with a joyful heart.

Through the works of Self-Pastoring, participants gained many experiences – some were able to let go of the past and live in the moment; some received a special energy from Heavenly Parent and felt very touched and joyful. This energy is difficult to explain with words, and yet it is capable of opening one’s heart.

Some people received revelations, and heard the sound of the flapping of wings. Some felt the light of God’s love and truly felt himself to be the illuminator of True Love.

The moment they opened their eyes, they saw beams of of bright light shining everywhere. Some shed tears after feeling the kindness of other’s conscience. Some felt that through the Hyo Jeong Prayers, their heart became closer to True Parents, and could feel Heavenly Parent and True Parents earnest heart and they wanted to put in more effort for God’s Providence.

The workshop was indeed a great success and new beginning of a conscience revolution. Many members testified that they were spiritually revived and felt that through practicing self-pastoring in their daily life, they could become the True Owners of Cheon Il Guk, and let True Parents’ light of true love shine in everyone’s life.

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