Italy: CARP Retreat 2019

by Davide Chirulli, CARP Italy

“Where a work is created, where a dream continues, a tree is planted, a baby is given birth, life operates there and a breach is opened in the darkness of time”. -Herman Hesse-

With this sentence we can represent the aim of this CARP course and of the message wanted to leave to the participants, which was enclosed in the motto “you are not what you have … but you are what you give”.

In the beautiful landscape of the “Maddalena” mountain of Brescia, on the weekend from 4th to 6th October, a CARP meeting took place which, with the theme of creativity, guided the youth with lessons and activities to rediscover their creativity and how to cultivate it.

Davide Chirulli, Anna Rossi and Giuseppe Calì were the lecturers.

In his lesson Davide presented an overview of creativity, seen as a method of personal expression, something that starts from the interiority of the “artist” and takes shape in an exteriorized manner (like a poem, a song or a painting), giving the opportunity for those who interact to understand the true nature of the creator and the emotions they want to express.

Passing through examples of great characters (such as Elvis, Van Gogh, Bruce Lee) who, in different “artistic” fields, with their creative genius have greatly influenced society, we reflected on how, despite their skill, their lives were still weighed down by challenges and difficulties. Only by using their determination and passion did they manage to go beyond these obstacles and express themselves through what they loved. In fact, to be a true artist there are 3 key points that help the creative to give 100% in the realization of the work and they are: INTELLECT, EMOTION AND WILL.

However, these three factors need Love, the strongest emotion that exists, but in this case not only the Love for what is created, but also the feeling of wanting to contribute to society in a positive way, in order to create a better future.

After the first lesson we continued with the activity of Anna Rossi, who is an artist and introduced us to this practical moment of pure creative expression.

In this part of the morning each of the participants had the task of expressing himself through drawing, painting or collage on two large posters. After finishing his masterpiece the aim was to (always drawing) connect his own design to that of others. The meaning of this activity was how our art / creativity could be combined with that of others to create something unique and harmonious, through one’s personal expression, reaching the Hearts of those around us.

The afternoon program gave us the opportunity to experience the contact with nature with a walk through the woods that gave us hints of creativity through a scenario full of autumn colors that gave us harmony, peace and inner relaxation.

On the next day, we received a message from our national leader Giuseppe Calì, who investigated the value of conscience in everyday life. By linking to the course motto, emphasis was placed on how important it is in life to learn to donate rather than expect to receive something in return. This transformation occurs when we go through the phase of being, directing our interiority to act towards the good and the neighbor.

This is the way to grow and become mature, active and responsible men and women.

At the conclusion of this interesting experience, cutting the cake has sealed the memories and emotions experienced intensely during the retreat, so the CARP board handed over the official CARP ITALIA bracelets to the participants.

These meetings not only deepen our knowledge but also strengthen our friendships and are essential for creating cohesion in the CARP.

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