HJ Global News (October 19, 2019)

Prepared by Peace TV

This week we cover:

1. True Parents

  • Victory Celebration to Commemorate True Mother’s World Tour for the Safe Settlement of a Heavenly World and the Inauguration of the Cheon Won Gung, Cheonwon Church

2. World News

  • True Family (Hyojeong 2019 Festival in Japan in the presence of Prof. Moon Yeon-ah, President of UPF Korea / 24th Women’s Conference for Peace in the Middle East in the presence of Moon Sun-jin, Vice-President of the WFWP International / 65th Memorial Service in Honour of Moon Kyung-yoo Chungbunim)
  • Heavenly Messiah activities (HJ Cheonju Cheonbo: 430 Ancestor Generations Blessing / Chungcheong Province: HJ Cheonju Cheonbo Special Spiritual Awakening Seminar / HJ Cheonju Cheonbo Special Seminar at Gwangju Headquarters / Province of Jeolla: Rally of Hope in the city of Mokpo for a Heavenly Unified Korea / Jeolla Province: Music Performance of the Korean Wives Association in Japan and 2019 Hyojeong Blessing Ceremony)
  • Peace Movement (United States: Religious Leaders Conference / Korea, UPF: Seminar of Peace Ambassadors / UPF Hyojeong Forum: Seminar for the members of the Association of Korean Filmmakers / Association of Korean Religions: Launch of the Yut Game Registration Promotion Committee as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO / 3rd Heavenly Unified Korea Leaders Training Program & Graduation of the 4th True Parent Ideology Leaders Training Program)
  • Youth Activities (Paraguay, CARP: Happy Day Seminar / Korea: 2019 National Student Football Tournament “PEACE CUP”)
  • Other News (Hyojeong International Cultural Foundation: Inaugural Representation of the “Han” Dance Troupe / Korea, FFPMU: 3rd edition of the Hyojeong Matching Festival / Commemoration of the 37th Anniversary of the Blessing of 6,000 Couples)

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