Estonia: An Event for the Re-Unification of Korean Peninsula

By Olga Martinson, FFWPU Estonia

UPF Estonia and FFWPU Estonia together with brothers and sisters from Finland, all together 50 people, organized our third project called “One Korea” on September 29, 2019.

Event took place in “Lyra”. Mrs. Arina Han, Peace Ambassador, organized Korean entertainment. Everybody sang Arirang, followed by Korean lunch, as we celebrated Korean national day Chuseok. Mr. Avo Martinson as secretary general of UPF Estonia introduced project “One Korea”. National Leader of Finland, Mr.Hannu Hassinen talked about why it is important for Korea to unite.

Mrs. Olga Martinson, as a president of FFWPU Estonia shared a chapter from True Father´s autobiography. Then was time for toast, holy juice, for unification of North and South Korea. On the parade, on the way to football stadium, everybody shouted: One Korea!

Two teams were formed: One Korea and One World. Group photo was taken, and as we held hands, we sang Urie So Wonum Tongil.

Second Generation together with their parents played football with specially designed One Korea ball which everybody signed and sent to True Mother, as a sign of support. After the final score 3:3, players gathered for prayer, to offer all of their Hyo jeong devotion to Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

This project brought closer Estonia and Finland and it was first time to organize event with other organization. Everybody liked educational part of the programme and cultural part. Children liked specially football.

We offer all of this to Heavenly Parent and True Parents, as our common support for the unification of North and South Korea! Eogmansei!!!

Chusok and One Korea 2019 Estonia

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