Cote d’Ivoire: Public Event to Proclaim True Parents

by Marius Bouguhe, FFWPU Cote d’Ivoire

From October 17 to 26 we held events to proclaim about True Parents and their teaching and blessing to our people in public places in the cities of Daloa (Central West) and San Pedro (Southwest). And we had respectively 80, 70, 55 and 90 participants in every events.

In San Pédro church we held the Conference at the Great Hall of the Rotary Club of the city and in North Abidjan we held the event at the City Hall, the FFWPU of Yamoussoukro organized its public lecture at the Prefecture of the city, while FFWPU Daloa received its guests at the local radio station. In all four location our participants included administrative, political, religious and customary authorities as well.


OUATTARA Sinan (Representative of the Regional Council of San Pedro): “Our region needs this kind of activity to really educate families as it should be. I’m glad this caravan goes through our city”

TRAORE Mohamed (Dozo Brotherhood in Abobo): “The work of the Federation of Families for Peace is exceptional. While people do politics, the Federation spends its time educating people … “

YAO Roger (Pastor of Yamoussoukro Church): “I am simply very happy and impressed by the teaching heard this morning. I pray that this caravan arrives as promised in the other localities. I also hope that thanks to the radio, all the people will be able to hear this divine message … “

KOUASSI Binjamin (Leader of Province of Daloa): “Glory be returned to our True Parents for the full success of this conference. I pray for the other cities that are on the program of this True Parents Proclamation caravan … “

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