Brazil: Social Event and Heavenly Tribal Messiahship

Prepared by FFWPU Santo Amaro Brazil

On October 12, 2019  we held 4th Children’s Day Party in Jardim Rosana. Children’s Day in Brazil is a traditional catholic day where the mother of Jesus is remembered, on this occasion people make parties for children, play games, distribute cakes, toys among others.

This is an activity carried out through the initiative of a brother from the church of Santo Amaro Mr. Elton Rodrigues, with the support of the church, the Home Groups and many brothers, merchants and others.

This program aimed to call people of our society to the establishment of True families, calling people to get together, to give, to help others, on this occasion about 1200 people participated in this event, many residents entered the spirit of brotherhood by donating toys, popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream, snacks, soda, staple food, there were words from Pastor Inowan urging families to learn a little more about True Parents’ work and to integrate into Home Group activities. The event was a great success.

In the coming years, we hope that this work will be multiplied among the various groups of the Santo Amaro church in order to have a major social impact.

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