Brazil: Hyojeong Cheonbo Especial Event – Sub region 1

Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

On October 5 and 6, 2019, Brazil’s Headquarters hosted the 2019 Latin America Tour – Hyojeong CheonBo Brazil Especial Event in Sao Paulo.

Program began on the first day, in the morning, with the Opening Ceremony with the welcome remarks of Rev. Koichi Sasaki, Regional Group Vice-President Latin America, Leader of Subregion 1 (Brazil) of Heavenly Latin America, and National Leader of FFWPU Brazil.

The President of the Latin American Regional Group, Rev. Kim Sang Suek, attended the event, who gave his words of motivation to the blessed families and guests present. The UPF Regional President of South America, Rev. Shin Dong Mo also gave an inspiring message.

On this occasion, the President of the CheonBo Heaven and Earth Training Center Branch in Latin America, Rev. Seong Nam Kim, gave the main words referring to the seminar. He explained about the foundations of CheongBo´s providence and the advancement of the process of liberation and blessing of the ancestors, now in direct dominion of True Parents. And that under the grace that we may reach the mark of 430 generations may be liberated and blessed, and may fulfill our sacred mission of HTM by bringing our spirit children to Blessing, both on earth and in the spiritual world.

During the seminar, we had a special sectures about the CheongBo Spiritual Works, by Pr. David Pereyra, Lecturer of Heavenly Latin America CheonBo and by the CheonBo Heavenly and Earth Training Center Branch President, on this occasion he explained the progress of the Branch mission on the continent and how that events have brought benefits and healing to members and guests in various Latin American countries.  

With a heart of wanting to liberate themselves from the evil spirits that are in their bodies and to liberate their suffering ancestors in the spirit world, all 1,250 participants from Brazil, including leaders, members and guests participated actively in the seminar and Chanyang sessions, centered on Branch Leader Rev. Kim Seong Nam.

On the morning of the second day, during the HDH, President Koichi Sasaki, leader of sub-region 1 (Brazil) spoke about the main focus and our mission until February 2020 to be registered in CheonBo Won having fulfilled the requirements set by True Parents, liberating and blessing our ancestors and uniting Heaven and Earth we must inherit heavenly fortune and fulfill the responsibility of Heavenly Tribal Messiah, mission that all blessed families should assume as an absolute, following and fulfilling True Mother’s desire.

Hyojeong Offering Ceremony for Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune was held in a beautiful and exciting ceremony, at this time the members prayed fervently with tears to Heavenly Parents and True Parents for their desires and for solving personal problems. The Hyojeong letters were consecrated to Heaven.

During the 2 days of the seminar: in the special lectures, in the Chanyang sessions, in the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony and Blessing Ceremony, the brothers and sisters felt great emotions and had many spiritual experiences and thrilled and increased in their hearts the certainty that Heavenly Parents are constantly caring for all their children and giving deliverance, healing and Blessing.

This was a wonderful moment when all can liberate and bless their ancestors until 430 generations by changing their lineage to the side of Heaven by expanding the foundation of Cheon Il Guk, spiritually as well as physically. This was a historic event in Heavenly Latin America.

Participants in general, members and guests, expressed a sense of heartfelt thanks to Heavenly Parents and True Parents for participating in such a wonderful event, where they could experience the love of God and True Parents. The dream of a global family under God has come true with the arrival of True Parents and we can experience the experience of a Family under God!

The Special Event ended with the entertainment where our young people performed beautifully and after our leaders and members sang together some True Parents’ favorite songs.


At the moment of the Chanyang Session, when the brother behind me began to hit on my back, I felt my back opening out, then I asked to the brother to hit harder, at that moment I saw to much blood splashing from my back, as a bad dark blood full of bad spirits coming out of my body. After the chanyang session finished I felt myself very clean and lighter, as if millions of bad spirits and resentful ancestors was liberated by the angels and my absolute good ancestors. I’m very thankful for that amazing opportunity of liberate my ancestors. –Buili/Brito

I was traveling by bus from Foz do Iguacu city to the Workshop in SP, and had no money to liberate my ancestors, as Im going to do a individual liberation and the liberation of 3 friends. At the traveling to Sao Paulo, a dream in which many people with white robes were together, collecting precious things as if they were treasures. When I arrived to collect it, had nothing left, just 4 porcelain vases, and then I would go to a beautiful blue, white and gold porcelain vase, I took that vase and the 3 smaller vases that were next to it. I dint understood my dream, but today when I talked to a sister, she said to me: “your dream is very clear, the big vase was you, the 3 smallest were your friends, which you made the liberation”. –Mirian Angelina

I am a daughter of a foster family, and I attended the 253 generation workshop,  after doing the 253 generation liberation and blessing myself 49 years old knowing absolutely nothing or anyone of my biological lineage miraculously from one moment to the next, I found my biological family, mother father and brothers. The liberation was on December 10, 2017 and the news about my family reached me on January 10, 2018. In this special workshop I felt the presence of my birth parents, they were here with me, receiving the blessing.

I met a cousin of my lineage who had a problem with spirits that influenced him to dress and act as a woman. I taught him the Divine Principle only by phone and he broke free from this spirit that had attacked him for almost 40 years, and now he is liberating his own family and bringing them to church, he is still very grateful to me and always say that I was the one who saved him, but I always say that it was not me but True Parents through the Divine principle, I am so grateful for all these blessings that have been taking place on my life. In this workshop I managed to finish the 430 generations of my family and released my foster parents as well. –Leonice Bergossi

Beloved Omonim! When I attended this year’s first workshop I broke free from the porn addiction. I soon waited for this year’s next Cheon Bo workshop, and I was never really attracted to porn again. This is helping me feel at peace. At this year’s first workshop I couldn’t catch my eyes during the Chanyang session because I was in so much pain. So at least I hit it softly, and it worked. From porn I was beginning to commit sexual sins, but now I have even forgotten about these events, and I feel at peace. I now thank True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind because I can bear witness and become a victorious Heavenly Tribal Messiah. Too many good things I can’t explain. –Omar Valle.

When I was first invited to be a Cheong Bo Cheongpyeong staff I did not want to accept it readily because I felt that to be such staff I would need to have spiritual senses open, however Rev. Kim Sun Nam said that we would receive a special prayer that would give us an authority to perform such spiritual work, so whenever I was invited, I came with the heart that it would be an instrument of God to accomplish his work and will. This second time I was invited I came with the same heart.

Whenever I’m doing chanyang over people’s heads I have an inner heart that every evil, resentful spirit will be unauthorized, scolded and go to the workshop with HJN and DMN in the spiritual world.

During the Ancestors Liberation Ceremony held today after I began the spiritual work I felt a strong desire to cry, it was something that came from the heart, I realized that this desire only increased with each person who passed, in a certain moment I could no longer keep my eyes open, for I felt that if I remained I would lose control over the tears that were already falling, it was when it sprang from the core of my being the following words “This is the proof of my love for you my children, ” when I felt that I was no longer doing the cheongpyeong staff work at that time, I was Heavenly Parents instrument. My body felt like it burned from the tiptoe to the head. All the time these words came from inside me and popped into my mind, each time I opened my eyes, just to direct me on the path to the next person, an almost uncontrollable feeling of crying would appear again, which led me to always keep with my eyes closed.

As I passed near my wife and son in the hall a very strong feeling of embracing them and saying that I love them welled up again in my heart, which again made me shed many tears. That was until the end of the ceremony. When it was all over I was going to sit down to write this testimony,  when I was stopped by a lady I know only by sight, she began to cry, hugged me and said that during the chanyang saw my father, Pr. Elias by my side, he was assisting me in spiritual work, removing evil spirits, he looked at her, winked and asked her to hug me for him … again my heart and eyes filled with tears. Thank you so much Heavenly Parents and True Parents for a such great opportunity, thank you my father for always being by my side. Aju. –Pr. Inowan Almeida

When I was a child, I sometimes felt an unbearable pain deep within me when I was just often screaming, this pain is as if something tore my whole body from the inside out. Now 22 years old during the workshop at the Chanyang session I could feel the same feeling while clapping and screaming singing I was unconscious; I could feel exactly the same feeling and pain and at this moment I could not be welcomed by the Father but by the Mother. I felt like she was saying to me ”hug me, put your head on my lap, shed all your tears on me, let the pain go away, let it go” I feel this pain represented the heart of God the immense pain of Love and continue loving and right after the Chanynag session I no longer feel this pain, I found comfort and healing in the arms of the Mother, thank you Heavenly Parents, True Parents, all the absolute spiritual world and to our good ancestors Aju! –Bruno dos Santos Lima.

Since the beginning of the last session, I have had goose bumps all over my body. When it was my turn to get on stage as a vocal on Chanyang Team I was thinking a lot as if it was the last thing I wanted to do in my life, I sang with all my heart so I started to have several goose bumps and feel as if someone hugged me at that moment, I was sure it was Hyo Jin Nim, im very thankful for this experience. –Samara Moraes Valentin

From 2019, it all started with a minor infection and gradually the infections started to spread and get worse, when I realized I was already having to take more than 15 antibiotics to prevent the infection from spreading further, I even to use mask to go to the university. 5 months passed and could not stand, I fell into depression, no longer taste, cheer, motivation, joy, not even love for my parents. Over time my symptoms only got worse, and my depression widened, the urge to kill myself was constant, and I really didn’t even hear my own conscience to show me the right way, after a while I was admitted to a psychiatric ward, and even the drugs that were given there had no effect, in fact it seemed to have the opposite effect, made me worse, even my parents resorted to pastors, spiritual healings and other religious practices like REIKE and nothing worked, and I felt very guilty of giving my family so much work, I really felt that had no hope for me other than death.

My Father, even though he had many health problems, came to the Cheon Bo Cheong Pyeong workshop, and did a golden Hyo Jeong letter, even though he knew of my plight he did not lose faith and hope and did this wish for me, besides of releasing our ancestors and making collateral releases of evil spirits that should be bothering me, about a little over a month later I had my last suicide attempt, and just as I was about to cut my wrists a strong voice came to my mind saying, “depression has taken everything away from you! will you let it take your own life  too?” at that moment I felt a calmness, and lost all my strength, I felt on the ground, and all that depression, suicidal will, disappeared From one second to the next I no longer felt that deep melancholy that held me and sank. Today 10-07-2019 I came with my parents to attend the Cheon Bo Cheong Pyeong workshop, It has been 2 weeks since the infections in my body have completely disappeared, the depression never bothered me again, and all thanks to the love of my parents and love and grace of True Parents. Thanks to this great blessing I can now live again. I deeply thank Heavenly Parents and True Parents, Heung Jin Nim, Hyo Jin Nim, Dae mo Nim, my good ancestors, and the whole good spiritual world. Aju! –Claudia Victoria Bueno Rocha.

At the last Cheon Bo Cheong Pyeong workshop I made 2 Hyo Jeong letters, one was for my son to get a new job in a new city to which he moved, and in just 3 weeks he was already employed and registered. The other letter went to a very dear aunt who, in addition to a serious health problem, was having a hard time getting her retirement, and even she was going through so many tribulations as the loss of her grandson, son-in-law and her benefit denied. Besides this situation disturb and discourage her, strengthened and brought her even closer to God. Quickly my aunt managed to heal and regain her health and got a good job, and although she is still in treatment is much better. In this workshop I asked my daughter-in-law to join me in prayer for me to get a Hyo Jeong letter on her behalf to get her a good job, and even though she is evangelical from birth she joins me in heart and prayer.

As early as the third day of the workshop I received a happy call from my daughter-in-law saying that she had just been hired as an attendant in a doctor’s office and is already actively working on this wonderful new job. In prayer I also constantly asked for a grace so that they could get a home of their own, and within a week a real estate agent contacted them with an excellent proposal which they did not believe so well.

These wonderful experiences with the Hyo Jeong letters were much faster than i could ever imagine, and all my requests were made so that only Heavenly Fathers could be manifesting. I can’t express my deep gratitude and love to Heavenly Parents and True Parents, thank you very much for these wonderful graces and miracles. Aju! –Silva Valkiria da Cruz Sampaio

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