Brazil: 2019 Heavenly Latin America Tour – Hyojeong Cheonbo Especial Event

Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

On October 12 and 13, 2019, Brazil’s Headquarters hosted 2019 Latin America Tour – Hyojeong CheonBo Brazil Especial Event in Campo Grande-MS and this time it was held in Campo Grande City-MS.

Welcoming the 328 members present the President of the CheonBo Branch in Heavenly Latin America, Rev. Seong Nam Kim and the Leader of Subregion 1 and President of FFWPU in Brazil, Pres. Koichi Sasaki, celebrated this providence in a harmonious and dedicated environment where blessed families and members were able to perform the ancestral liberation and Blessing ceremony for generations 1 to 430 (and the Engagement ceremony between the Spiritual World and Physical World).

Entering the Age of Cheon Il Guk, True Father in the Spirit World and True Mother on Earth formed a substantial foundation of the ideal of creation, becoming fully united and opening an amazing new era directly governing the universe.

The Program began on the first day in the morning, with the Opening Ceremony with the welcome remarks of Rev. Koichi Sasaki, Regional Group Vice-President Latin America, Leader of Subregion 1 (Brazil) of Heavenly Latin America, and National Leader of FFWPU Brazil.

On this occasion, the President of the CheonBo Heaven and Earth Training Center Branch in Latin America, Rev. Seong Nam Kim, gave the main words referring to the seminar. He explained about the foundations of CheonBo´s providence and the advancement of the process of liberation and blessing of the ancestors, now in direct dominion of True Parents, and that upon the grace that we may reach the mark of 430 generations may be liberated and blessed.

During the seminar we had Special Lectures about the CheongBo Spiritual Works, by Pr. David Pereyra, Lecturer Heavenly Latin America CheonBo and by the CheonBo Heavenly and Earth Training Center Branch President, on this occasion he explained the progress of the Branch mission on the continent and how that events have brought benefits and healing to members and guests in various Latin American countries.

With a heart of wanting to liberate themselves from the evil spirits that are in their bodies and to liberate their suffering ancestors in the spirit world, all participants from Brazil, including leaders, members and guests participated actively in the seminar and Chanyang sessions, centered on Branch Leader Rev. Kim Seong Nam.

In attendance to Heavenly Parents and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity, the Hyojeong Offering Ceremony for Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune was established. Many members have had the opportunity to receive great Blessings from heaven and the opportunity to be born again. Where the wishes have been delivered to heaven and will surely be fulfilled.

During the 2 days of the seminar: in the special lectures, in the Chanyang sessions, in the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony and Blessing Ceremony, the brothers and sisters felt great emotions and had many spiritual experiences.

This were a wonderful moment when all can liberate and bless their ancestors until 430 generations by changing their lineage to the side of Heaven by expanding the foundation of Cheon Il Guk, spiritually as well as physically. 

This special seminar has rekindled the flame of determination between blessed families and members so that they can, with a heart of heavenly Parents´ sons and daughters, fulfill their sacred mission to achieve victory in HTM activities.

At the end of the special event, we had the entertainment with the musical performances. We had performances that delighted the eyes and calmed our hearts; Mato Grosso State youths sang two songs and Mato Grosso do Sul songs with five performances, and to wrap up the seminar brilliantly, the leaders sang songs to remind us of Our True Parents. It was wonderful!


Testimony 1

If everyone knew the value of each ceremony, they would give their all to participate in each of them.

At the liberation ceremony it was very heavy, a very heavy fog as if it was smothering it. In the second liberation ceremony it was clearing, but only in the third that managed to be cleaned everything. On stage did I see the spirit of our True Parents behind our young people singing very loudly, touching and supporting then.

However, as Inara was stronger, Our Father could see her strength and determination, able to die at that moment without giving up and in the crowd the spirit of Daemonin, Heung Nim and Hyo Jin Nim was also touching each one.

I saw the bad spirits coming out of their bodies dissolving like smoke. This time they wanted to be liberated, but it was all closed and had to rise up like great clouds dissolving in the air being carried by the angels.

I also saw our letters being consecrated in the bowl, it seemed to be boiling, because it began to rise water bubbles with our requests, as if floating like magic, and the angels put one by one inside the pyre of water and was rising bubbles of water, with our prayers, the angels took each one, very magical.

All my wish letters were answered. My daughter’s corneal transplant was a success there was no rejection. The successfully birth of my granddaughter who the doctors said had her tubes blocked and could not get pregnant and many other blessings I received through the letters. Aju!

Testimony 2

I am Heartbroken for not releasing the 430 generations of ancestors. But right at the opening of the workshop when Ayami sang, what I saw was: In a such beautiful Garden, True Parents! And along came a great feeling of love that I have never felt in my entire life.

Everything was beautiful and everything was so full of love that I didn’t know which one was the best; the beauty of the garden or the great love of True Parents. I only know that everything was wonderful and throughout the workshop so far I am amazed by this experience I had here at this liberation workshop in Campo Grande.

Thank you, True Parents, for bringing us this great grace to all of us. I thank you for the work of each person who has prepared with great love and certainty to make this special workshop for all of us. I miss you already and never want to forget this wonderful experience!

Thank you very much also: Heung Jin Nim, Hyo Jin Nim and Grandmother Daemonin. — Maria Aparecida Santos Gomes

Testimony 3

My name is Jailson, I am a missionary and from the Blessing 1995. The special workshop Hyo Jeong CheonBo was a different experience from the first, the first day was a little heavy for me, but I think for all of us because our mind tends to dismiss and distance.

Once again, the scenario has changed, but not as intensely as the first. I saw a city of gold, where True Parents were on a hill, dressed in gold clothes watching this city.

On the second day of Ansu, it was much lighter and with less pain. I could find inner peace again by keeping focused and with my eyes closed I felt my mother’s presence. So I called her to stand beside me, she was cheerful and radiant. At the first workshop in Campo Grande I gave her Blessing, so today I could see her cheerful countenance, at the time of prayer she got up and began to sing and after praying, I realized she was wearing white pants and a white polo shirt. She use to dress like this when she was on earth, what a wonderful scene.

In the prayer where we put the right hand over the left, she sat beside me and my right hand opened, a scene, she wanted to show something among the white clouds, I saw my father’s face, I was glad for then but worried at the same time, I saw my father going and disappearing into the clouds but smiling, and I wondered what that meant. Then my mother said, visit him; I was shocked, when I was going to ask her more details she was gone, I haven’t visited my father for over ten years.

In the ansu section where the young helpers were in the middle of the corridor and in the corners of the walls, I could see countless numbers of Youngs also doing Chanyang in line and in sync dancing at the same time.

Some people think that the workshop is happening to a physically limited number of people, but these experiences to me show that the workshop is happening in large spiritual proportion, I would like them to know that, you do not necessarily need to see something.

If each one of us close our eyes, and pray for forgiveness for the mistakes of our ancestors, knowing whether or not they hurt other people, as long I still have life, I apologize for them. Their mistakes will also be one of their ways to leave our body, I could see them agreeing to with their arms crossed and shaking their heads positively.

At the blessing ceremony of the ancestors with a heart full of peace I could contemplate the temple around me with the golden decoration, where the fans were. I looked at the ceiling and saw that it was formed of stars, steadying my gaze on the ceiling, moving and times forming the face of our father and times forming the face of Jesus, wow I was amazed and grateful, because I know I didn’t deserve it.

At the Ancestor Blessing ceremony after the holy wine, at the time of the Blessing declaration, many came to thank and greet me, and one of them with oriental features greeted me and said thank you. With an inner smile I wondered, did I have an Eastern ancestor; well I just know I was happy.

So I finish my testimony and at the same time I want to thank Rev. Seong Nam Kim for putting my testimony at the time of his conference, certainly already had an effect on a guest of missionary Maria de Aral Moreira who came to me very moved with tears saying that they want to understand more about their ancestors and pay the fees to get started she said she wants to come back at the next seminar and for me it’s very rewarding.

Thank you, True Father, who in flowered shirt, beige pants and barefoot was among the seminarians clapping and singing like a young teenager. Aju, Aju.

Testimony 4

I thank God and True Parents for the opportunity to be at the Hyo Jeong CheonBoo special workshop. Right at the opening of the workshop I determined to have a purer and more sincere heart.

At the workshop I made a heartfelt asking to Heavenly Parents, to give me an opportunity to have an experience with Hyo Jin Nim. In fact, I always asked to have an experience with Hyo Jin Nim because I felt a very strong relationship with him.

So when we started singing in the first section Rev. Kim Seong Nam started doing “Ansu” in my head, the moment he started, I kept crying, it was even hard to sing it’s unexplainable what I felt, as if Hyo Jin Nim was telling me “I’ve been with you all that moment when you called me and I will always be here.”

I was so grateful that throughout this section I was welcomed by Hyo Jin Nim, as if comforting me. With this experience I determined more for God and True Parents. Thank you! — Rebeca da Silva

Testimony 5

Today on the first day I was clapping very loudly and singing, I closed my eyes for a moment and saw many female and male spirits too, but what drew attention is that among them were 7 spirits and they jumped with joy. And I opened my eyes and didn’t see them in the room anymore.

In the other section after lunch I cried a lot asking for forgiveness and hit me hard asking to Heavenly Parents to give me his love. When the section was over, I went to pray with the background music, when suddenly a light came on that seemed faint and shy and slowly it became stronger that my shadow reflected in the light and I was very thrilled and happy. I think it was getting weak and gradually she was disappearing and I wanted her to stay longer, then she disappeared.

And I thanked God and the True Parents of Heaven Earth and humankind for such great grace. Aju! –-Luzimaria Nanizaya

Testimony 6

Today at Hyo Jeong CheonBo’s first ancestor liberation ceremony, we were singing, purifying and releasing the ancestors.

The more we sang, I saw two great evil spirits, spirits that went in the four corners wanting to leave. But then Daemonin, Hyo Jin Nim, Heung Jin Nim and Jesus arrived.

Hyo Jin Nim seeing that those two great evil spirits who didn’t want to go with all power and authority ordered them to go.

Hyo Jin Nim with Daemonin, Jesus and Heung Jin Nim smiling for everyone to enter the portal. In a beautiful glow that does not exist on earth was Our Father.

I had a very strong feeling about the real son, Rev. Hyung Jin Nim, that Our Mother don’t have to worry about him, Hyo Jin Nim said “I’ll take care of them.”

At the wish letter ceremony. I saw the angels picking up the cards going through a portal leading to True Father, True Father was smiling and said Jardim made me happy.

True Father said he will take everything to Jardim because there is the place of Ideal Families. True Father said that I will cherish everything because everything is owned by me.

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