Bolivia: Family Festival

Prepared by FFWPU Bolivia

In preparation for arrival of True Mother in Latin America, we have held family festivals at different venues in our country.

In the regional headquarters of Sucre: with the support of Deputy Yesenia Yarhui and Deputy Oscar Urquizo, we hold blessing ceremony and family festival, for the previously married couples who vowed to renew their marriage under God and True Parents blessing. We had round 100 participants.

In the Potosi regional headquarters: We held a family festival on September 14 with the support of Colonel Victor Hugo Antezana and Deputy Grover Huanca.

In this pioneering city of Potosí and with the investment and sacrifice of 4 sisters and young people, the festival was carried out, with the “ant” work method, going house to house and inviting families. We had 250 participants, of which 16 couples took holy wine and renewed their marriage vows with the blessing of marriage rom True Parents.  Police supported the event.

In Santa Cruz Regional Headquarters: On September 22, 2019, we hold a family festival with the support of the sub mayor of La Villa. Captain Canaviri, from Gacip, who had previously supported YSP event, joined the security side, with members of the GACIP. And at the same time, he and his wife participated at the blessing ceremony and renewed his marriage vows with his wife under True Parents’ blessing. We had 520 participants, of which 86 couples received the blessing of marriage.


MP YESENIA YARHUI: it was a good initiative for families.

CAPTAIN ADRIAN CANAVIRI: at the beginning I didn’t know exactly what I would see at the festival, but it really exceeded my expectations, and the most important message I understood was that the family  is the basis for everything. I really support the organizers unconditionally, and this time renewing the commitment to my wife was amazing gift of this event thank you very much.

Lic. Lorena Arteaga: it is a peace initiative, it is a beginning to continue educating us to achieve a peaceful society, a place where we can all live like a big family. Thank you for taking the initiative.

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