Benin: Ambassador for Peace Conference

Prepared by FFWPU Benin

As Benin is one of the strategic nation to bring success on vision 2020 and the national restoration, we are holding major events in different location in our country. This time on October 2, 2019 we hold a meeting for the Ambassadors for Peace and inducted personalities who pledge to work as dedicated Peace Ambassadors. It is in this context that the Vice-President of the Beninese Parliament was appointed as the Ambassador of Peace in this event.

This opportunity has drained the high personalities of the Department of Borgou and the City of Parakou; politico administrative personalities, religious leaders of different borders, royal authorities, we had about 300 participants.

Chaired by the President of FFWPU Benin, Mr. Emmanuel Allognon, the Conference was marked by opening invocations of Muslim and Christian Leaders. Then we had a lecture about 5 principles of peace and the mission of Peace Ambassadors.

During the event, the new Peace Ambassador gave a message of satisfaction and commitment to her new task.

The Ceremony ended with Muslim Imam of Parakou speaking about the new mission of peace that he has received, as he was nominated as the Ambassador for Peace.

We felt that this conference in a joyful and hopeful atmosphere greatly moved all the participants, and this is an important step towards mobilization of VIPS for our big events later.

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