Angola: Leadership Training Seminar

Prepared by FFWPU Angola

The Angolan National Department of Education in conjunction with the Blessed Families Department has organized a seminar for leaders to update them on aspects and new strategies to take into account so that members through their leaders to understand how to become a Heavenly Tribal Messiah and how to achieve victory in Heavenly Tribal Messiah Works. Despite the bad weather with some rain in the city, the leaders attended and could earnestly attend the seminar.

The seminar was scheduled for the 12th of October but the same week our Angolan movement lost a mom who was working for the providence so we changed the schedule and held the seminar on 26th of the same month.

The seminar was attended by 18 leaders including members of the national Witnessing, Education, Culture and Sport department which ended up making 25 in total, and many were unable to cope with the bad weather. But the leaders were able to study and ask the questions about new approach on Witnessing and Heavenly Tribal Messiahship in order to fulfill their responsibilities centering on Heavenly Parent and True Mother’s dream by the year 2020.

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