USA: Uplifting Global Youth Leaders

Prepared by FFWPU USA

The National Ministry Team of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) USA gathered at The New Yorker hotel on September 18 for their monthly meeting to discuss recent developments and upcoming events, and to celebrate the 43rd Anniversary of the Washington Monument Rally.

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, regional chairman of Family Federation North America, relayed the events of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s rally in the African island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe, which included the Marriage Blessing Ceremony. “It is incredible, True Mother’s heart,” said Dr. Kim. “She will take care of every human being, all 7.6 billion, and no one will be left out of the Blessing Ceremony.” The term True Mother is affectionately used by Unificationists when referring to Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.

Dr. Kim also elaborated on the Victory and ChuSeok Celebration held on September 13 in Korea, a tribute to the success in São Tomé and Príncipe. He later urged everyone to participate in the CheonBo Special Event set for October 5 and 6. Dr. Kim concluded his talk by inviting guests who were involved in the Washington Monument Rally to commemorate the anniversary with a song and cake-cutting.

Rev. Demian Dunkley, president of FFWPU-USA, explained the importance of ancestor liberation. With combined humor and solemn determination, he reminded everyone to sign up for the upcoming CheonBo Special Event. “In preparation for this incredible historical event on December 28, we are giving you the opportunity to liberate your ancestors right here in New York,” said Rev. Dunkley.

National Co-Chairman of the Amerian Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) Dr. Luonne Rouse reported on the upcoming launch of the Korean Clergy Leadership Conference (KCLC). He also spoke about working with Bishop Noel Jones, senior pastor of the City of Refuge Church in Los Angeles, to invite young clergy to work with ACLC. “I pledge to these young leaders today; we are committed,” said Dr. Rouse. “We are not coming to talk to you, we are coming to listen to you and support you all the way.”

Dr. Michael Jenkins, president of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) International and Chairman of UPF-USA, also shared about recent ACLC activities. He spoke about the National Parents Day event and Blessing in Bridgeport, CT, which was well-received by community members.

National Director of Youth and Students Ministry Naokimi Ushiroda spoke about the global outreach efforts of youth leaders. A Global Youth Leaders workshop of 120 people is set for December 14 to 23, designed to inspire youth leaders around the world to see the success of ACLC and encourage them to be leaders in their own communities.

Roland Platt, director of Generation Peace Academy (GPA), reported on the first workshop of the 2019-2020 GPA year. This year’s program has attracted more than double the amount of participants than the previous year. Kaeleigh Moffitt, national youth ministry coordinator for FFWPU-USA, talked about the recent “It Takes a Tribe” young leaders summit. “Amazing stories are coming out of the Summit, young people who want to be a part of the gift to True Mother,” said Mrs. Moffitt. “I want to encourage each of us to welcome our young leaders to the table.”

Dr. Hugh Spurgin, who stepped down as president of the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) in August, introduced the new president, Dr. Thomas Ward. “Dr. Ward is an outstanding educator, he has the kind of background that UTS needs at this time in history,” said Dr. Spurgin. “UTS needs the skills, knowledge and experience that Dr. Ward brings, to develop a completely new Divine Principle-oriented education.” Dr. Ward said he looks forward to seeing many Unificationists at UTS and anticipates a great school year.

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