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Prepared by FFWPU USA

Hundreds of Unificationists attended a special Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) Leaders’ Conference at the New Yorker Hotel in New York City on August 28. The three-day conference, titled “All In,” was a last call for action among Unificationists, emphasizing unity and to spread the message of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s world restoration plan leading up to 2020.

“We called all the state leaders and related organizational leaders to the New Yorker because, 40 years ago, True Parents called a state leaders’ meeting every month, where they shared the worldwide providential vision and statement. We carry on this tradition and True Parents’ legacy to this day. At this conference, we will discuss True Mother’s worldwide speaking and Blessing tour as we prepare for Vision 2020,” said Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Regional Chairman for Family Federation North America. “It is important all our American family members join in on this victorious ceremony for the sake of True Parents and Heavenly Parent, and for the sake of this country and world peace.”

Leaders were roused to generate substantial change in their respective communities and support the national effort to bring 30,000 clergy to receive Dr. Moon at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, on Saturday, December 28. This year-end blowout event is the capstone to Dr. Moon’s restorative plan, closing a seven-year period since her husband Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon’s Seonghwa in August 2012 and before his centenary celebration in February 2020. Her blueprint for the past seven years was in preparation for this clergy rally.

“The vision of 2020 is not something that just came up in 2019, it’s been years in the making with Father and Mother Moon praying and talking about it, equipping individuals,” said Dr. Luonne Rouse, National Co-chair of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC). “I had the executive committee come in early to discuss how we are going to help mobilize and get people excited across the nation. I don’t want us to hit the same areas we’ve reached before. I really want to see every state in this nation represented.”

The Unification movement has grown rapidly in its global scale under Dr. Moon’s guidance. Unificationists are now being challenged to be ‘all in’ by giving 100 percent of their effort to establish victory in the elder son nation, America, and around the world. In South Korea, Dr. Moon shared her commitment to fulfill the responsibilities of True Parents on the national level by 2020 and continue the legacy of her husband to bring about the providence. In commemoration of her husband, she promised to absolutely restore seven nations by 2020 and register all Blessed families in Cheon Bo Won as Heavenly Tribal Messiahs. “These are my gifts to you,” she said in a heartfelt, passionate letter she wrote to honor him. The letter, shared with Unificationists, touched many so deeply.

“You need an understanding of history and the principle to appreciate the importance of the national foundation for the Messiah,” said FFWPU-USA President Rev. Demian Dunkley. “If you understand that, you understand how that has been the stumbling block throughout human history. It’s incredible that a woman leader in this time, the only begotten daughter, can commit to not just one, but seven national foundations to receive the Messiah by 2020,” he continued. “This is the ultimate birthday gift. The biggest birthday gift anyone could ever imagine.”

“I feel like [Mother Moon] is so determined to do whatever it takes to make this possible and reach as many people she can before the end of the year,” said Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) USA Vice President Katarina Connery. “We really need to be ready to march with her.”

At the Leaders’ Conference, a three-tier victory plan was outlined and presented by Rev. Dunkley in honor of Dr. Moon. It calls for a nationwide daily reading of Hoon Dok Hwe through the recently launched Godible podcast featuring Dr. Moon’s anthology. This has been combined with community outreach through Tribal Messiahship. Rev. Dunkley said the second key element for victory in America is giving a national offering of $7 million, raised through the National Victory Fund, toward the World Tithe by December 28. These efforts culminate in the last part of the victory plan, which is the clergy rally itself.

“I feel clear about specific ways I can get involved and I can be a support by being a part of the teams who will go out and visit churches, or being someone who can call and follow up with people we have reached out to previously and joining the meetings that will be taking place on a weekly basis,” said Crescentia DeGoede, FFWPU-USA Blessing and Family Ministry Director.

Conference participants received an inside look at the 2020 Master Plan that was unveiled in South Korea the previous week during Rev. Moon’s Seonghwa anniversary celebration. A framework for saving the world, Dr. Moon is looking to America to champion this goal. “I’m most inspired by unity more than quantity,” said Rev. Dunkley. “So the idea of “All In” means each of us being all in, but also all of us being all in; at least participating and contributing to the gift that Mother wants to give to Father. The bedrock and foundation of all of our victory is, of course, our own personal responsibility as a family.”

U.S. leaders expressed renewed determination to realize these efforts and unite within the movement, and also bring unity between Christianity and Unificationism. “Working with Tribal Messiahship, getting every family not only on board, but getting them excited about the power the Blessing brings to your family as well as to other families is critical,” said Southeast Subregional Director Rev. Ernest Patton. “It’s a foundational part of our effort as leaders.”

The inspired group exchanged and shared ideas for bringing victory in 2020. “I’m going to visit more churches and build great relationships and invite them to the rally,” said Wilson Ferreira, an active member of ACLC and the Family Church of NYC. “Another idea I had was to give virtual assistance to reach out to people through that and cover more ground,” he added.

“My biggest takeaway is that there are a lot more resources than most people realize,” said Sophie Maes, a local council leader in Boston. “I think educating the individuals we witness to is probably the most important thing and is the least emphasized. We have to use the resources creatively with the foundations we already have in the different areas of ministry.”

Rev. Dunkley emphasized the importance of America’s role in accomplishing victory in 2020 and said it was time to give back for the many blessings received by our nation. He said Unificationists in Japan supported America for many years, and now is an opportunity to contribute on a global level and help fulfill Dr. Moon’s mission. The excitement and energy that filled the room was palpable as participants pledged to meet this goal.

“We look different and have different missions, but I just feel that we are really all one,” said Vermont State Leader Alex Nimick. “Mother doesn’t see any comparisons, no judgements. We just have to accept that and catch up with True Parents.”

The Leaders’ Conference concluded with a subregional goal mapping session, where leaders presented feedback, ideas, and plans in moving forward, and personal testimonies reflecting on the three-day American Leaders’ Conference. Leaders were dismissed with renewed energy and dedication for outreach, education, prayer, and ‘all in’ support of Dr. Moon’s victory in 2020.

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