Ukraine: Second-Generation DP Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU Ukraine

Second-generation children aged 8 and older attended a Divine Principle workshop in Ukraine from August 20-27, 2019.

The 53 children were divided into three age groups. A remarkable point was that five elder second- generation (13-16 years old) acted as workshop staff for the junior and middle groups, including being lecturers and coaches.

The elder group (12-16 years old), besides hearing DP lectures, also received guidance about the basic points of a life of faith.

Every day, the middle and elder groups also had lively discussions on practical points, such as: “How can we, as second generation, protect ourselves from bad influences in society?”

Along with lectures, the children took part in games, sports, and many diverse enjoyments, such as a pizza competition, making barbeque, and so on.

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