UK: ABC Seminar

By June Darby, FFWPU UK

On September 7, 2019, we had two powerful, passionate, profound lectures by Rev Ron German and Rev Isaac Ayani on Insights into the Old Testament. Rev Ron spoke about the Providential Families and Rev Isaac covered the Patterns found in Jacob, Moses and Jesus ‘s life courses. He exhorted the Christian Pastors to have humble, open hearts and to study the Divine Principle so we don’t make the same mistake as the Jews. He prophesied that the Prime Minister and the Queen would be teaching the Divine Principle, making Britain Great again!

Altogether 17 people were present, with 5 Pastors. A very electric and uplifting spiritual presence was felt and many of us had deep realisations. Again I wished that more U.C members could have been present to share the inspiring experience.

I am very grateful for the support of brothers and sisters who helped to bring guests, provided technical support and prepared the refreshments.

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