Turkey: Three Day Hyo Jeong Youth Leadership Workshop

By Marilyn Angelucci, FFWPU Middle East

On Sept 6-8, 2019,  on the shores of the Black Sea in northern Turkey, 36 people gathered, participants and staff, representing different countries of the Middle East. Supposedly these are enemy nations, Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon, Israel and Turkey but because of True Parents, these young people could join together beyond borders and beyond past wars and conflicts. This is only possible because of the love and truth brought to us by our True Parents.

We gathered centered on Pres. In Pyo Moon, President, Cheon Bo Branch Europe and Middle East. Together with the Regional President’s couple, Umberto and Marilyn Angelucci and the National Leader’s couple, Yoshihiro and Sachiyo Yamazaki and the National Leader of Pakistan, Binod Paudel we met for three days of Divine Principle, True Parent’s Life Course, Cheon Bo Lectures, Changyang and experiences in the Holy Prayer room. This was a youth leadership workshop combined with the spirit of Cheon Bo, which helped the young people to experience the holy spirit and the love of God deep in their hearts.

The participants consisted of 18 second gen, 2 Jacob’s children and 10 first gen., basically members newly introduced to our movement. The new members consisted of Muslims, Hindus and Christians all experiencing the culture of Hyo Jeong which makes creating One Family under God possible. One participant said,” Sometimes the goal of One Family under God looks impossible but during this workshop I could see if we just expand what we created here, it is possible.” Another participant determined to become the friend of the God of sadness and someday share joy with Heavenly Parents and True Parents.

Through this workshop we understood that we have so many young people that are ready to invest and become leaders for our movement. We will continue to carry own such educational workshops in different countries in the region in order to give opportunities to our Second Generation and other youth to learn about the tradition of the Unification movement based on the culture of Hyojeong.

Our gratitude to our beloved True Mother for supporting us with her love and prayers.

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