Thailand: HJ Leadership Training Program

Prepared by FFWPU Thailand

We organized 4 day HJ Leadership Training Program workshop at HJ CheonBo Training Center of Asia Pacific at Pak Chong, Thailand from August 23 to 26, 2019. 150 Heavenly Tribal Messiahs attend 4 days HJ Leadership Training Program in order to raise up Heavenly Tribal Messiah coordinator.

Most of participants are new blessed families from Heavenly Tribal Messiah area who are government and community leaders in the level of villages to district who have direction relationship and influence to people in communities. The goals for workshop participants are as follow.

  • 1. To Raise up life of faith and filial heart toward Heavenly Parent and True Parents
  • 2. To understand and determine to practice Divine Principle, blessed family tradition and build Ideal Family and Ideal Blessed Family Communities
  • 3. To have skill, confidence and passion to take ownership in mission as Heavenly Tribal Messiah coordinator who work with local government and community leaders to expand Heavenly Tribal Messiah project and Home Group

Vision and effort for this workshop had planned since 2013 for the goal to continue to develop and expand Heavenly Tribal Messiah movement to have momentum to restore the nation by raising CIG owners and Heavenly Tribal Messiah coordinator who have faith and filial heart to Heavenly Parent and True Parents and have ownership, determination and skill to expand Heavenly Tribal Messiah movement for restoration of the nation and settlement of CIG in Thailand.

Around 150 participants from Heavenly Tribal Messiah foundation in Buriram province, Ubonratchatani province, Surin province, Mahasarakham province and Kalasin province attended. Around two third of participants had completed 3 days ceremony and have experience of practicing blessed family tradition and home group before.

The education program of 4 days workshop is included:

  • 5 lectures of Universal Divine Principle based on Family-ism
    2 lectures of Attribute of True Love
    2 lectures of True Parents’ Life Course
    1 lecture of Significance of Divine Principle and 3 Days Ceremony
    1 lecture of Blessed Family Tradition
    1 lecture of How to be Heavenly Tribal Messiah Coordinator and Work with Government and local community leader
    1 lecture of HJ CheonBo Providence
    1 lecture of Historical Development of Heavenly Tribal Messiah centering True Parents and in Thailand.

At the end, participants from each province have brainstorm making strategic plan how to expand Heavenly Tribal Messiah movement in their communities, districts and provinces.

High light of the workshop is two lectures from Dr.Chung Sik Yong, Group Chairman of Asia Pacific on the topic of Attribute of True Love that really move the heart of all participants to tears and grow in their filial heart toward heavenly Parent and True Parents. All participants were impressed by Universal Divine Principle based on Family-ism given by Mr. Warakorn, the educator of FFWPU Thailand who gave lecture based on Peace Message and teaching of True Parents centering on family and spiritual value that go beyond religions. This made participants feel the hope and vision to make CIG in their families and communities can be realized. Then, they were moved by the Life of True Parents who are embodiment of True Love and overcome all hardship and difficulties to establish Ideal Family and Ideal World of CIG. One of the great lecture that inspire all participants to follow and feel the holiness of family is lecture of Significance of Family and 3 Day Ceremony, given by Mrs. Watcharin Kaewlamsak, director of Heavenly Tribal Messiah Surin. Many participants feel life changing experience on their attitude toward sexuality and their husband or spouse. They become so respect and honor True Parents in their heart when they come to know about 3 days ceremony and blessed family tradition founded and guided by True Parents.

Dr. and Mrs. Ronachit Phutthala who are former chief of district and high level government leaders who devote their lives as FFWPU full time leaders to develop and expand Heavenly Tribal Messaih and YSP project come to guide all participants to realize how great of Heavenly Tribal Messaih project that Thai government extremely needed in order to build peaceful nation and to guide all participants to understand and have confidence of how to work with government. All participants felt so much love and inspired to hear Dr. Ronachit gave speech and sing a song in native Northeast Thailand language that full of love and high spirit.

All participants felt inspired to understand the lecture of CheonBo Providence given by Rev. Kamol Thananopavarn, national leader of Thailand. They felt so much love and investment of True Parents to mobilize the grace from spiritual world to help blessed families to become Citizens of Kingdom of Heaven. After this session, they all prayed seriously with their deep heart at Tree of Love and Jeongshim Won Prayer room at CheonBo Training Center of Asia Pacific Branch – Pak Chong.

Dr. Lek Thaveetersmakul – CIG Special Envoy gave presentation to let all participants understand the providence of restoration centering on True Parents to develop Heavenly Tribal Messiah providence, what is the goal and vision of True Parents to realize Ideal family, Ideal community and CIG through Heavenly Tribal Messiah. He explained the course of indemnity that full of difficulty and challenging of 44 years development of FFWPU in Thailand including 21 months in prison and 21 year wilderness course.

The result of this workshop is great. The graduates of workshop start their life faith. Many of them have life changing experience and have filial heart toward True Parents. They determine to practice Principle Lifestyle, True Parents’ teaching, 3 days ceremony and blessed family tradition in their families regularly. Some government or community leaders who have doubt about movement and hesitate to practice 3 days ceremony and follow True Parents; after they completed 4 days seminar; they become faithful, full of conviction and love toward True Parents and want to complete 40 days separation and 3 day ceremony as soon as possible. And they have determination to transform themselves, practice True Parents’ teaching, to create better relationship with their spouse, children, make their families become Ideal Blessed Central Families and make their communities to become Ideal Blessed Family Communities.

They have faith toward CheonBo providence. They love to pray at Tree of Love Holy Ground and Jeongshim Won Prayer Room, offer donation and determine to come back to join 2 days CheonBo workshop in Pak Chong Training Center in October.

 The government and community leaders discussed together with strong ownership of how to expand True Parents’ teaching, Home Group activities and blessed family tradition in their town, especially to follow up Blessing participants to be connected, join home group and receive more education. Some of them have determination to organize Blessing one more time and bring YSP project to the young people in their communities.

Through the success of this workshop with just only 4 days seminar, FFWPU Thailand have conviction to raise up million of Heavenly Tribal Messiah members in the future by raising Heavenly Tribal Messiah coordinators who have filial heart toward TP and have skill to expand Heavenly Tribal Messiah movement powerfully.


Mr. Amornchai Kraisompoch, Pakiab sub-district, Kumuang district, Burirum: This seminar made me to understand the meaning of model family and know about Heavenly Parents and True Parent. I would like expand this ideal family to villages and communities and create alliance of people in my community to make driving force for true ideal family will be realized in my community.

I wish that this project can develop and expand rapidly to all Thai people to learn, inherit and unite to build ideal family and ideal model society, nation of peace on earth. We are as model of this kind of family must work together start from ourselves and our family.

Mrs.Nongyao Yanpad , Nongsruang sub-district, Nongkrungsri district, Kalasin Province: From this seminar I have deeply understood the meaning of true husband and wife and understood about sharing and inspiration about Father Moon that has gone to all difficulty but has never given up until Father has become successful and establish Family Federation which can inspire everyone to overcome all hardship.

I wish that I can fulfill my wish same that Father Moon that has strong determination and overcome everything to establish Ideal blessed family. I felt so grateful and honored that I am able to join this seminar as a representative from my province Kalasin. Thanks to all lecturers MC that had given knowledge about blessed family…Thanks so much Aju…

Mrs. Sudarat Supho, Baannapoo village no.18, Kaedam district, Mahadarakram province: I realize that FFWPU wish all people to love each other. This time I have learned about True Parents that in order to become the same with True Parents we should love our spouse only with only one heart, absolute fidelity and loyal to our own spouse and never betray each other. Be a good example toward children. Father and mother Moon teaches us if the most valuable thoughts to all humankind. Teach us to share and help each other and know how to give to others.

I felt so much inspired through Dr. Yong that he had shared about love of mother and child that had escaped from war to hide under the bridge that was very cold as it was snowing. The mother has delivered baby at that time. Mother had sacrificed her cloth to cover the baby until she died then a couple has found baby and took care that baby until he has grown up and came back to the tomb of his mother which I was so touched by this story until I was cried.

I have determined to change myself as much as I can by starting from myself my family and expand to society and nation. This seminar had given me so much inspiration for the greatest giving from Father and Mother Moon without any expectation in return. I will bring this knowledge to share with my family and be good example for others in other villages and towns for them to understand this thoughts in order to build warm society and unity. I have given all my heart for this seminar.

Teetarat Yorum , Kandong district, Buriram Province: Thanks to heavenly parents that gave me the greatest love and grace which now it hardly found in our heart. We all have tough heart, selfish heart, arrogance heart, the heart that had no love. This seminar taught us to give and sacrifice first and we should be grateful to our family and our community. Giving without expectation anything in return but finally we can receive love return from all things and people that we have given…..Thanks

Miss Jongjit Phudthaisong, Haisok sub-district, Phutthaisong district, Buriram Province: From this seminar I have learned about gratefulness to parents relatives friends and every people that has done something for us. Know how to give love to everyone even to enemy. Know how to give to others without expectation, living for the sake of others starting from ourselves and expand to society and nation. I felt so impressed with the greatest sacrifice of Father and Mother Moon that they have given without expect anything to return. I will apply this knowledge to my family and become good example for others, other families, other villages, towns for them to understand this teaching and help each other to build warm society and peace on earth…. Thank you very much

Mrs. Ud sangiamdee, 55 years old, Songhong sub-district, Buriram County, Buriram province: This seminar enabled me to understand how to solve my family’s problem, to be peaceful family and society. I feel so great to become daughter of Father and Mother Moon. I have determined to be good model family and to be good child of heavenly parents.

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