Suriname: HyoJeong Workshop for the Youth

Prepared by FFWPU Suriname

From August 26 to 31 2019, YSP Suriname held a HyoJeong Workshop for Youth at the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification headquarters. We had 13 participants and the schedule started every day at 5:00 am, with the Hoon Dok Hae together with the National Leader and his family and ended at 22:00 pm.

During the workshop, participants studied Divine Principle, sharing what they think, practice witnessing, and prepared meals together in groups, create a HyoJeong Culture Festival, dream talks, and cleaning up the area around the headquarters.

The youth went witnessing for 2 days, the first day was in the city and the second day was in the neighborhood around the headquarters, where they gave out Pure Love Pledges to the people.

On September 17 to 19, 2019, YSP Suriname participated in the vacation program of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs that was held from September 17 to 19, 2019. The days started at 5:00 am, where they had Hoon Dok Hae together with the National Leader and his family.

They attended the vacation school program that was held in different schools all around the nation. They visited a school that was located in our neighborhood. It was for youth from the ages 5 to 17, so 8 members of YSP Suriname attended. It involved sport and crafts, which included getting to know other young people, the Headmaster of the school and helping each other in the process.

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