Russia: Ural Project Combines Work and Enjoyment

By Ruslan Harisov, FFWPU Russia

Young volunteers from the Yekaterinburg area took part in an outdoors service project in Russia’s Sverdlovsk Region from August 11 to 18.

In the first part of the Ural Project, the volunteers did various jobs in the Oleny Ruchy Natural Park: They built a path, painted the parking lots, and repaired the stage.

Then they helped prepare for a marathon and half-marathon in which about 400 people took part. The volunteers marked the trail, mowed grass in some places, and removed debris from fallen trees. On the day of the race, they helped in the dining room, distributed water at the finish line, prepared a shower for the runners, and sang songs on stage. For their contribution to the organization of the marathon, the  volunteers were awarded a letter of thanks.

In addition to their work, they also enjoyed active recreation time: They went camping, participated in the cinema club, held a meeting with the park administration, and arranged entertaining evening programs. All the participants and the organizers feel satisfied with the project results.

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