Russia: Seminar for Second Generation in Ulyanovsk

Prepared by FFWPU Russia

Sixteen children from the Russian cities of Ulyanovsk and Chelyabinsk participated in a three-day workshop for second generation from August 23 to25, 2019. Eight parents helped.

On the first day, the children played laser tag by team and had a lot of fun. This activity was planned to create better unity.

During the next two days, the children attended lectures, took part in outdoors competitions both by team and individually, did a quest by team, and watched a Korean movie.

One traveler, Evgeny Kutuzov, addressed the children about his amazing trip from the Russian city of Tver to India.

In the end, the children wrote to their parents about their sincere desires, which moved the parents a lot. The letters showed a good spirit and longing for the next seminar.

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