Russia: Moscow Members Offer a ‘Festive’ Blessing

Prepared by FFWPU Russia

Married couples visiting a Moscow Region village festival could renew their marriage vows at a ceremony organized by FFWPU members. Representing the SuperSEMEYS family club, our members gathered in the village of Bolshiye Dvory in the Pavlovo-Posadsky District on September 14, 2019, and spent the day at the “7th Fest” regional festival which was held in the Knyazhy Dvor museum-exhibition complex.

Maxim and Oksana Shusherov, Mikhail and Lilia Shurshilin, Alexander and Nina Kosarev, Leonid Efremov, Irina Chvanova, and Elena Knyazeva led couples in games and contests and made light-hearted family photographs before offering the couples the chance to renew their marriage vows.

A total of 34 couples took part in the ceremony. The atmosphere was very cordial. Some couples were moved to tears. It was simply impossible not to fall in love with the families of Pavlovsky Posad, who were so cordial and joyful. During the festival, we outlined further joint programs for the families of this city.

A lot of interesting venues, wonderful people, a family atmosphere—all this created a sense of genuine happiness.

In preparing for the day, we faced many challenges. When we first applied to the festival organizers to have our event included, they refused. However, less than a week before the scheduled date, we got permission and began to work quickly. Thanks to our amazing families, everything worked out. But when everything was ready, the festival was moved from July to September.

Despite everything, the festival took place and we were able to hold a ceremony of renewal of marriage vows. It was an amazing experience for us. Without the help of our team and the prayerful support of our brothers and sisters, we would not have succeeded.

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