Russia: Baikal Summer Educational Program

Prepared by FFWPU Russia

From July 5 to August 19, Baikal Summer Educational Program was held with two participants from Kazakhstan, one sister from Ulyanovsk and a Second Generation brother. Two members of the One- year program 2018-2019 also participated in the program. Anna Goryunova was the captain, and Evgeny Mirzyanov was gaining an experience in order to lead the program in the next year.

The program began with the Divine Principle workshop in Novosibirsk, after the workshop participants visited the Novosibirsk zoo. Then from the 8th to 20th of July they did fundraising in Irkutsk. It was not an easy test for the guys, but they passed this challenge.

The next stage was participation in the service project on lake Baikal. From July 22 to August 5, they have been making a path, adding another 200 meters to the many kilometers of tourist route on the coast of lake Baikal. Participants also received education on the Divine Principle and volunteering from Evgeny Skvortsov.

Some of the members were able to formulate their life mission, made a promise to God for the coming year and find a determination to fulfill their goals.

The third stage was witnessing in Ulyanovsk city. Participants have been learning to give lectures, invite young people to programs and to organize events. Everything ended up with a small workshop by Evgeny Mirzyanov.

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