Russia: A Gathering on Korea Liberation Day

Prepared by FFWPU Russia

On August 17, our Peace Ambassador Arina Khan, leader of the Korean community invited Avo and Olga Martinson to her organization “Lira” to celebrate Korea’s Liberation Day together.

At the request of Arina, the first speaker was Avo Martinson, head of the Universal Peace Federation. He spoke about the goals and activities of the organization. He spoke about the role of Korea in the world, noting that the unification of the whole world depends on unification of the North and the South.

Olga Martinson, head of the Family Federation, spoke about the goals and activities of the Federation. She invited all those present to participate in the programs. After the speech of Ambassador for Peace, Arina, who spoke out in support of such events, at the end of the program, all participants in the event ate Korean food, which they themselves prepared, and sang a Korean song.

We had a good opportunity to meet new people, share the results of our activities and invite new people to our programs. After the meeting, Arina met us with pleasure and we discussed our further cooperation until the end of the year.

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