Russia: 21-day seminar in the suburbs of Moscow

Prepared by FFWPU Russia

An interesting 21-day seminar of Eastern Europe on the Unification Principle was held on August 1 to 21 in the Moscow suburbs, in the Malakhovka village. It is unique that this year for the first time, among the participants were children of the first generation and older children of the second generation. During the second and third week of the seminar, we invited a lecturer from Europe, William Heinz, who had been a missionary in Russia for 7 years and was

developing the course “My World and I.” At the seminar, he revealed the Principle to the participants from a new perspective, giving examples from real life and, in particular, from the life of his blessed family, and sharing his rich life experience. His lectures found deep response in the hearts of the audience. The lecturer of the first week, Igor G. Rumyantsev, touched the hearts of the children with his deep lectures about the path of our True Parents.

The participants came to the seminar from different cities of Russia – Ulyanovsk, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Elista (Republic of Kalmykia), Zvenigovo (Republic of Mari El), as well as from other countries – Armenia, Georgia, Angola and Belarus. It turns out that our seminar has taken on an international scale. A total of 16 people took part in it, Ten people remained at the seminar until the end, 21 days, the rest – one or two weeks. The oldest participant was 75 years old, Nikolai Ivanovich came from Ulyanovsk. He learned about the Principle in March this year and decided to challenge himself and come to the seminar together with young people.

Everyone was quite inspired by his cheerful spirit and interest in the Word of God. It was touching to listen to how he repented loudly, told that for many years he had studied and even taught communist ideas to people, and now he realized that this was all a lie of Satan. The process of such a change is very impressive, because it is especially difficult for the older generation. The youngest participant at the seminar, Victoria was 16 years old.

The guys more deeply recognized the principle thanks to various lecturers. They became friends and got to know each other better during their participation in sports games and evening programs. At the morning services and some lectures there were many invited guests (Moscow brothers and sisters). Senior seminar participants sincerely shared their experience of living in faith (Vitaly Vakulinsky, Alexey V. Savelyev, Yuri V. Gavrilin, Bayarma Efremova, Galina, Elena Yu. Kalmatskaya, and Alexander Timofeev).

In addition to the important lecture part, the seminar included other programs of internal and external content. All participants in the 21-day seminar had the opportunity to pray outdoors in a beautiful place where one can meet God in a special way, and where the soul is especially revealed. Also in the second week, the theme of repentance and confession was touched upon, which is necessary to clear the mistakes of the past. The organizers shared their personal impressions of meeting True Parents, and the Blessing ceremony. In addition, we held many events, such as art therapy (thanks to Bayarma Efremova), made original creative frames from jigsaw puzzles with our own hands (with Irina Geytman), talked and opened our hearts in

Ungame, watched several educational films, showed erudition in the intellectual game “What? Where? When?” guided by Artyom Palkin, and sang karaoke together in the evening. We also had an introductory Korean lesson and much more.

Many participants came to Moscow for the first time, for them we organized a tour in the center of the capital. Each day of the seminar was dedicated to one of the participants – this means that each one (sometimes the organizers) at dinner shared about himself, his life, so that we could get to know each other better and feel like one family. During the seminar, there

were two Holy days and the 7th anniversary of the True Father’s passing away. Together with the participants, we honored the memory of our True Father. With the blessed sisters, we prepared an offering table, and I shared about the traditions of our Movement. Some of them participated in such an event for the first time, but on the whole, this day, August 17, became very hearty and memorable for all.

The organizers and I, as the main coordinator of the 21-day seminar, set the task for the participants to find a spiritual rebirth during the seminar, find answers to their questions, feel the love of God, learn to separate good and evil in themselves, recharge with spiritual energy for the coming school year. They found determination for further commitment, including for the mission of the heavenly tribal messiah (for our brothers and sisters). An important result of the seminar, as I see it, is that two young people think about participating in our annual program; of them one sister agreed to participate in ILTP next year.

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