Peru: International Day of Peace

Prepared by UPF Peru

On September 20, 2019, we organized the forum for the International Day of Peace 2019 with a full auditorium which was held in the Municipality of Trujillo. A delegation of ambassadors for peace from Lima also traveled to support the event and more than 200 people attended with the desire to work for peace in our country, after a wave of crime which was hitting hard in the hearts of all Peruvians.

Among the panel of speakers were the Mayor of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo, Executive Director UPF Trujillo, Executive President UPF PERÚ, Congressman Luis Alberto Yika; and as master of ceremonies, the president of the Trujillo Peace Council, former Vice Governor of Trujillo Mrs. Pilar Alvarez.

Mr. Daniel Marcelo Jacinto, Mayor of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo opened the unique event, thanking all attendees for their valuable participation, Mr. Wilson Chávez Executive Director of UPF Trujillo gave a message about the search for joint support for Work for a world of peace.

Dr. Trevor Edward Jones Executive President of the UFP PERU addressed the attendees to invite them to live under the guiding principles of UPF, also to work from home and family to achieve the long-awaited peace.

Commander Luis Alberto Yika García Congressman of the Republic and peace ambassador UPF PERÚ, greeted the presence of Mrs. Faith Jones, wife of our president UFP PERU, also asked the corresponding authorities to take corrective measures to stop the crime wave that plagues our country.

The international singer-songwriter César Villalobos and peace ambassador UPF PERÚ highlighted the event by interpreting Peruvian themes, earning the applause of the participants.

In the framework of this ceremony commemorating the continuing struggle for peace, new peace ambassadors were incorporated and the corresponding medals were awarded to those who are actively working to promote peace in their community and in our country.

Congressman Luis Alberto Yika García closed the event but not before inviting those present to the great March for Peace on September 21 at 9:00 am.

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