Nepal: CheonBo Special Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU Nepal

A 2-days Hyojeong Chenbo Special event that was organized by FFWPU Nepal was successfully concluded on September 13-14, 2019 at Peace embassy building, in Kathmandu. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Prakash babu Thapa ,FFWPU Nepal National leader and Mrs. Sarita Thapa Dangi, HJ Cheonbo Nepal Coordinator and we had 249 participants, including Blessed central families, Second generations, and Ambassador for Peace, with the presences of Hyojeong Chenbo Asia Pacific President Dr. In Cheon Kim and his team.

This time the HJ Cheonbo event conducted in accordance to the direction of True Parents to help all the blessed families to liberate and bless their Ancestor from 1 to 430 generation before 2020.

One of the participants reflecting about the changyang yeoksa said that “I felt strong current down shivers in my spine, when the changyang team shouted Aboji . . . Omonim ~ loudly and suddenly True Parents appear in my mind clearly, helping and bringing out the evil spirit in my head ” and he added ” at that time, I couldn’t hold on my tears running in my eyes”.

HJ Cheonbo special event brought together the spiritual believers from different sector, believing that there is something up there that cannot be seen by our own eye but can feel through our heart and mind. This is what happen in here, in Nepal.

Rev. Santosh Kumar Paudel, Sub-Region Director, Sub-Region 2, Heavenly Asia Pacific, spoke at the opening ceremony with a tearful word of courage and determination to elevate and lift up our spirit so that we can be able to liberate the sorrowful and suffering spirits from the bottom of the hell.

Rev. Edgar Tanate, spoke about the importance and value of the ancestor liberation, the HJ Cheonbo Asia Pacific branch. And Rev. Incheon Kim, also spoke about the HJ Cheonbo providence and its current status in the world.

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