Mother’s Message at the TMD Martial Art Federation’s Founding Anniversary

True Mother Spoke at the 40th Anniversary of the Founding of the World Tongil Moo Do Martial Arts Federation, which was held at the HJ International Cultural Center on August 28, 2019. Click on your preferred language to watch the video:

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Congratulations. This year marks forty years since the founding of Tong-Il Moo-Do. Forty years in human life marks the point when man becomes most mature and perfect as an individual. Right? If the world today were the ideal world God, our Creator and Heavenly Parent, had originally envisioned… Sadly, the first human ancestors ended up falling into a state of immaturity and imperfection while they had still not united with Heavenly Parent. They became fallen human ancestors having no relationship with God.

Today, there are many large and small countries in the world. They all dream and strive to bring about a world of peace and happiness. Many religions have emerged through the actions of the original mind desiring to return to God. They invested great effort and worked hard to guide fallen humanity toward goodness. They particularly strove to attain body–mind unity by undergoing physical training. Unfortunately, they did not know the original owner of the universe, God, our Creator and Heavenly Parent. They did not know what God’s dream was.

Expansion and conflict

In the meantime, human efforts gave rise to many civilizations. Yet, these civilizations ended up going the way of war, conflicts and disunity. For Heavenly Parent’s dream to have the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven become reality, human ancestors that have indemnified all the world’s past mistakes and emerged victorious as the True Parents, the true ancestors, must come to earth.

Only then will the way open to the peaceful world desired by all people. The world’s population is now over 7.6 billion. Yet, they still do not know why they were born and where they are heading! Looking in the Bible, God’s providence to save fallen humanity took a long time, four thousand years. This was a period through which God indemnified all mistakes and was then able to send Jesus Christ, the sole person whom He could call His son.

Sadly, however, the Israelites failed to become one with God’s only begotten son, sent by God after that long time, four thousand years…. God’s providence, however, cannot be completed with God’s only begotten son alone. If God’s only begotten son could emerge, God’s only begotten daughter must too. Unfortunately, God’s only begotten daughter did not emerge two thousand years ago. Jesus, therefore, said that he would return to conduct the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Christianity’s role

God, however, cannot work through the Israelites, who failed to fulfill their responsibilities…. God had to find a new chosen people to whom He could send His only begotten daughter. That is the Korean people, which you all know! It is Korea. Humanity now has hope of being able to go in front of Heavenly Parent through the emergence of the True Parents among the Korean people. Those on the Christian foundation that God prepared in this way, however, did not know of God, our Creator. They did not know what kind of person Jesus Christ was.

They simply believed that they receive salvation through the blood Jesus shed on the cross. The Christian environment could not become an environment for True Parents. As the True Parents, we have earnestly sought to reach out to fallen humanity, trying to bring back one more nation, one more life, to Heavenly Parent during our lifetimes on earth, as well as guide them to a position in which they can receive blessings as true devoted children of Heavenly Parent.

Tong-Il Moo-Do’s role

With such ardency we created Tong-Il Moo-Do. Unfortunately, the body does not follow what the mind desires. To bring unity in the family, nation and world when the individual still struggles from body–mind disunity is tremendously difficult. However, we know God, the Creator, our Heavenly Parent. We also know that True Parents are our True Parents. The place in which you reach absolute unity with True Parents is the place in which your body and mind becomes one. I sincerely hope that through Tong-Il Moo-Do, you can live not only for yourselves, but also for your neighbors, tribe, nation and world.

Celebrating forty years today, Tong-Il Moo-Do is in a position of maturity and manhood. What should you do that position? Shouldn’t you expedite your efforts? I sincerely hope and ask you all not to stop until you take your last breath, to boldly advance until you attain the position in which Heavenly Parent can bless you, saying, You are sons and daughters of whom I am proud!

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