Mauritius: International Day of Peace 2019

Prepared by WFWP Mauritius

On the 21st September 2019, we held a Family Peace Walk and Fun Sport’s Day at Maryse Justin Stadium from 8.30-13pm. WFWP sponsored 100 students from needy families by giving them tuition in their weak subjects every Saturday at the Mauritius Institute of Education(MIE).

A good character education not just in academic can help these students to be good and responsible citizens. Once a month we have a resource speakers come to give them a talk on different topics, on Pure Love , Youth behavior, career guidance, teenage pregnancy, preparing for exams, STDs and HIV-Aids etc. We also have educational outings to places where entrances have to be paid and many of these students could not visit before.

We are very grateful to the government ‘s CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives policy that WFWP is registered and recognized and funded to carry out all activities. We have dedicated 20 very dedicated, committed members and tutors that makes WFWP a success. WFWP follower these students every year till they finished their tertiary education, as far as they can reach.

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