Luxembourg: Outreach to Christian Pastors

Prepared by FFWPU Luxembourg

On Wednesday, 18 September, 2019, 5 members from Luxembourg made the trip to support Marceline Mersch, who was invited by her local pastor to make a presentation about family values with a view to organizing a Blessing event in her local community. Marceline is a Luxembourg member who is living in Bietzen, Germany, not far from the Luxembourg border. She made the presentation to the local church committee.

On Saturday, 21 September, 8 members from Luxembourg attended a women’s event organised by a local evangelical church through the efforts of Seraphine Mboma. The event was held in a church hall in nearby Stockem, Belgium, though the pastor and his family live in Luxembourg. Thanks to this and our attendance at a previous service, the pastor invited us to organise a family festival in his church.

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