Lithuania: Vilnius Parents and Children Enjoy Family Sports Festival

Prepared by FFWPU Lithuania

On August 31 Lithuanian members took part in a Family Sports Festival that was held in the Vilnius Castles Park area. The festival was organized by the blessed family of Ina and Ko Kyong Lee and a group of volunteers—elder blessed children and one new guest.

A lot of creative tasks and competitions were prepared for couples, families and children. Everybody could enjoy and compete, uniting mind and body and their family in order to win the game or a prize.

Our blessed families were happy and inspired, and some of them said they were surprised to see themselves achieving something with their family. Some amusing and funny exercises, like a husband preparing a way for his wife with cardboard pieces, putting on a sweater with the words “thank you, I love you,” and running back with an umbrella, brought a lot of joy and excitement!

It was definitely a good program, worthy of repeating next summer! We deeply appreciate Ko Kyong and Ina Lee for investing so much energy into this festival, preparing all the necessary materials, and encouraging our community members to participate with joy and a feeling of unity.

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