Liberia: Divine Principle Seminar for 103 Blessed Pastors

Prepared by FFWPU Liberia

After many months of preparations for the pastoral workshop finally on the 12th of August, 2019, 103 pastors gathered in Tubmanburg, Bomi county to start the five days divine principle workshop for blessed pastors. These pastors belong to the Christopher Kraal’s tribe, Floribert Mwanga’s tribe, Elizabeth cook’s tribe, Hassinen Gudrun’s tribe John Teayer’s.

These Heavenly Tribal Messiahs have all created a tribe in Liberia. They united and contrubuted financially to host this workshop. the pastors who attended the workshop have all hosted blessing ceremonies in their various churches and have many blessed couples in their congregations, they are also blessed couples.

FFWPU Liberia is planning a 12000 couples blessing to be hosted at the national stadium centered on the pastors who have been very cooperative in mobilizing their congregations to receive the blessing. with the added knowledge of the Divine Principle and understanding of the mission of john the Baptist and the second coming also the advent of true parents they are more equipped for the mobilization.

The workshop consisted of three facilitators including rev. Christopher Kral who came from Poland, as the key presenter, Rev. Pamela s. m. Mwanga, nl, pastor John p. Teayah, v-nl.  103 pastors and the press were in attendance together with some Muslims who were not invited but also attended. the pastors received certificates at the end of the workshop and promised to work together with the FFWPU Liberia to host 12000 couples soon.

After the workshop in Bomi a meeting was held in Buchana, grand Bassa county 0n August 20th to 21st to discussed and plain for the national blessing, from the 22nd to 25 of August Rev. Kral and national leader team visited churches of the pastors who attended the workshop. we continued the visit to the churches until 31 August 2019 and will continue through September.

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