Indonesia: Peace Road 2019

Prepared by UPF Indonesia

Indonesia’s Peace Road 2019 was successfully held on August 10, 2019 involving 7 religious leaders of Islam, Christian, Catholic, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Sikhism. The event took place at a religious site of Indonesian pride, Grand Mosque Istiqlal co-hosted by the Grand Imam, Prof. Dr. KH. Nasaruddin Umar, MA.

 Grand Imam gave such a wonderful speech in line with the UPF Founder’s Guiding Principle that there is no ‘I’ and ‘you’ but there is only us signifying unity among humanity, and everyone should never focus on the differences but instead should work together on the similarities, live for others, so that the nation and the world will be like autopilot, where there’s no need for law enforcements, and other contingencies as to make our world a better place to live in. All religious leaders were so inspired with the ceremony of Water of Harmony followed with religious prayers and are looking forward to working together with UPF in the future.

A representative of Jakarta’s Governor came to deliver his speech and was very touched with the event particularly the Water of Harmony ceremony. Mr. Yasril A. Baharuddin, the Chair of IAPP Indonesia, gave an Ambassador for Peace Award to the Grand Imam who seemed to be proud on such an occasion. TIMD Indonesia performed Martial Arts Demonstration to inspire people and encourage them to join it.

Altogether more than 200 participants of cyclists, walker, religious leaders, government leaders, etc. joined Indonesia’s Peace Road 2019 taking the route of about 5 km long, and we are hoping that this project will get bigger and bigger on the next occasions.

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