HJ Global News (September 28, 2019)

Prepared by Peace TV

This week we cover:

1. Special

  • Sub-region 2, the Heavenly Nation of Gyeongwon in Heavenly Korea 2019 Rally of Hope to Advance the Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula

2. World News

  • True Family (Sub-region 4 of Heavenly Japan, Rally of 10,000 YSP Students from Western Japan / The HJ World Peace Foundation, Hyojeong Camp for Sunhak Scholarship Students, 2nd Semester Mentoring Camp)
  • Heavenly Messiah activities (Nepal, Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing, Hyojeong Special Great Works / Hyo Jeong Academy of Arts and Sciences’ Summer workshop for leaders of Heavenly Unified Korea)
  • Peace Movement (The Korea Religions Association, 9th Peace Cup Tournament for Religious Leaders, 2019 Yutnori (Yut game) with hope to list Yut as a UNESCO world cultural heritage Sub-region 4 Heavenly Korea, North Jeolla Peace Ambassador Conference, Lectures on Security and Unification / WFWP Mauritius, Government Supports a Hyojeong Character Education Project)
  • Youth Activities (Zimbabwe, 7days Divine Principle Workshop for New Members / DR Congo, Nomination of Cheon Il Guk Missionaries)
  • Main Events (Heavenly Korea, HJ HIGH NOON SUMMIT and Tour in Korea, Families in Japan that practice filial piety received invitations to a Hyojeong Holy Ground Pilgrimage.)

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