Ghana: Youth Seminar, Inauguration of YSP and Peace Road 2019

By FFWPU and YSP Ghana

From August 15 to 17, 2019, we organized a training program for the youth of our movement, members of YSP Ghana. It was held in the training Center located in Accra. The main purpose of the training was to prepare the youth for intensive series of activities that will characterize the months of August, September and December 2019. the participants expressed great hope for the nearest and distant future; committing themselves to responsibilities that will support the organization.

Secondly, following the Youth workshop, FFWPU Ghana had their 2019 Peace Road in Accra with just few members living in Accra who were able to respond to the call of the National Leader. Members walked on an estimated distance of 4 Kilometers from Ofankor Barrier to Mile 7 Park, exhibiting the banners of Peace Road. The Youth played an active role during this year march. At the ending point; the National Leader James Adu gave a speech at the Mile 7park, located in Accra.

Finally, supported by The National Scouts Association of Ghana and the Association Scouts of Burkina Faso, Youth and Student for Peace in Ghana was officially launched in Accra. The program was packed with events such as the Peace seed bequeathal; the Ambassador for Peace Award, the peace Water Ceremony and the Global Legacy of Peace Protocol, initiatives of the True Parents that have been modified to easily inspire and educate the young people in Ghana with the value of our movement. The two countries National Scouts bodies agreed to work hand in hand with YSP/Ghana for the substantial transformation of the young people in these two friendly neighboring countries. YSP/Ghana was officially declared and launched in Ghana with the declaration of the National leader, Rev James Adu. Then, the President of YSP/Ghana led the assemble with cheers of Oek mansei.

The remarks came from the commissioner, Mr. Boudi Holly of the National Scouts Association of Ghana and his counterpart from Burkina Faso. They both expressed their joy on the launching a New Global Association. Mr. Boudi commented that he was profoundly touched by the new and extraordinary approach on Conflict Resolution and Peace Building modules that YSP is bringing on board.

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