Footsteps of My Faith – Part 5 (Final)

By Chung Su-won

In North Korea, True Father had especially sought out the spirit-led Christian churches, some of which had been very powerfully prepared to prepare the way for the Lord at the Second Advent. The story of Kim Seong-do, the Holy Lord Church that she established, and the persecution they received, is quite well known to our members. Rev. Chung Su-won, who wrote this testimony, was the grandson of Kim Seong-do and, together with his wife, blessed as one of the 36 Couples. This is his testimony, not only of those years during which the Christian foundation was being prepared to receive True Parents, but also of his own path of faith in the very early years of our church movement.

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Coming to America

Coming to America was a unique experience for the Korean leaders; we felt it was a new way of pioneering. I became a regional director and began to counsel family members about their spiritual situations. I concentrated on connecting our church family members to True Parents’ heart.

I saw that our church family was not very harmonious because the leaders at that time were more focused on their individual responsibilities. So I tried to unite the department leaders together. Most of them weren’t so connected in heart to Father, so they didn’t fully understand what Father was saying. Whenever they gave sermons it was their own ideas they conveyed, not Father’s. Therefore, wherever I went I emphasized that we have to understand the Principle exactly.

In front of our members, I never said, “I am a 36 Blessed Couple. I am in Abel position.” I tried to convey the feeling that we were all one family and that I wanted to make good relationships with my brothers and sisters. I told them if we lived this way we could feel closer to each other.

I have been educating members to realize that, no matter what the situation, we have to follow and obey Father’s direction. Whatever direction Father gives, the Korean and Japanese leaders usually follow without question. American leaders and members usually do not follow unless they understand the reasons. Americans are generally more pragmatic and logical in their thinking, so it is difficult for them to accept Father’s direction on faith. Father’s direction is sometimes beyond logic.

Usually in my sermons I try to express the heart and will of a true parent, because so many members did not receive true love from their parents. Even though they may not understand my sermons, I still try every day to convey something about the heart of True Parents. I want to do that because for 30 years I personally experienced that the True Parents always want to give unconditionally to the members—materially, in matters of heart, and through their teaching.

I know what my difficult point is; I speak too harshly. I can’t talk in a soft and friendly way. This is my weakest point, and my wife is always mentioning this to me. I sometimes give people a cold feeling from my attitude. Somebody reported to Father that I was like that. Father then spoke to me and said, “After you speak strongly to the members you must embrace them.” When he said that, I felt so ashamed.

Living a life of faith

I have always emphasized to members our course of indemnity and restoration. Everyone should go the way of a pioneer. It is easy to say thank you to others when you feel good, but in our church we have to go forward with a grateful mind even if we don’t feel good. That is our way of restoration.

Father always explained that we have to have faith three times greater than Peter’s, wisdom three times greater than King Solomon’s, and love three times greater than Jesus’. That is True Father’s motto of faith.

Father said if we believe and act with 100 percent faith, we will achieve 100 percent success. If we believe and act with 50 percent faith, our success will be only 50 percent. We have all experienced this kind of thing, but we usually do not seriously consider what Father means by these words.

We cannot progress if we follow our own lifestyle-we have to follow Father’s way. If we don’t make an effort to do this, Heavenly Father can’t give us anything. We have to fulfill our own responsibility so that we can receive Heavenly Father’s blessing.

In three years I have been the regional director of five regions. Whenever I go to a new region I fast for these days. And I always tell the members, “Please read five pages of Divine Principle out loud every day. Please read the Divine Principle book or listen to the tapes 50 times.” If we read five pages a day then we will be able to feel, “True Parents gave these precious words to me and I want to share them with other people.” I have already read The Divine Principle 12 times since I came to America.

If we read the Principle every day as part of our life of faith, we will never be tired and we will always be growing. Through reading the Principle we will find Father’s heart and discover Father’s will. When we read the Principle it is like the voice of prayer. If we read it to our children when they are sleeping their spirits can grow and evil spirits will not invade. Father always considers the Principle more important than life, so we must study it very hard.

I recommend following Father’s direction of 1-1-1. Many people forget his direction for each of us to bring one person every month. We should bring 12 people in one year and pray for them. I recommend writing once a month to your parents and relatives. Even if husbands and wives are separated they should write each other no less than once a month. They should share their experiences so they can understand each other’s heart and personality.

In 1985 when we started the 2-day CAUSA seminars I experienced miracles. We had CAUSA seminars in the Chicago region twice every week, and we have since educated 4,000 church ministers. This blessing came because we followed Father’s direction absolutely and with faith. If we try to follow and do our best, then Father can help. Unified in prayer, our city leaders and family members fulfilled their responsibility. Every result comes from Father’s love and our brothers’ and sisters’ prayer. Our unified prayer was accepted by the spirit world and the spirit world assisted us.

I am happy to work in America and I am grateful to Father, for I have had an unforgettable experience here. Again I pray for the American Unification Church and every member. I pray that we can march together for the final victory.

Rev. Chung gave this testimony in 1986.

Editor’s note: After we received the 1989 Blessing (1275 Couples), many members stayed in Korea at True Parents’ direction to do special activities to support the providence. Rev. Chung was our central figure. For a year or more I had a desk in his office. He was a resolute leader, and he expected members to make effort. As time went on, I became aware that his whole perspective was that to succeed, we needed to invest our jeongseong – not only for the larger providence but as individuals as well. For our own benefit. I saw a compassionate man, who would offer forgiveness and rehabilitate people who had made spiritual mistakes, someone with a deeply human side to his faith and practice.

After our mobilized time period was over, my wife and I attended the small church he still ran on Sundays in between his other responsibilities. There he would invite the Japanese sisters from all around Seoul, who had come to Korea to begin their married lives with Korean husbands. Week after week, he and his wife gave them encouragement (my wife and I received some of that too).

Rev. Chung ascended before his wife. When, a few years later, his wife followed him to the heavenly realms, at the Seonghwa Ceremony I sat with one of their sons. He explained why he was not really mourning his mother’s passing: “My dad and mum were really very close, you know,” he said. “And now they are together again now, so they will be so happy! So what is there for us to be sad about?”

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