Europe: High Noon Korea District Tour

By Hig Noon Summit

On August 22 the High Noon team arrived in Korea for a two week tour of various churches communities. High Noon is traveling in order to share about God’s vision for heavenly intimacy and the importance of the sexual organs based on True Parents’ teachings.

Their program explores the purpose of the sexual organs, practical guidance on creating a vibrant couple relationship based on personal experience and True Parents’ words, and the existing dangers to fulfilling God’s hope for the Blessed Couple relationship such as pornography.

Their first event was in Gyeongju, 4 hours south of Seoul. 60 members came from across the district, some from 2-3 hours away.

That same evening they drove back to Seoul for another full day program north of Seoul where 98 members stayed after church for the entire 7-hour program.

Then the High Noon team drove back down to Busan for an evening program at the Busan district church with 38 members on Tuesday night. 38 members on a school night! A number of students came straight from school to attend the program, still wearing their uniforms.


The first time I heard High Noon was at GTGY. Because of you I was able to speak honestly with my parents and am continuing to make effort to stop masturbating. Thank you so much. – Male, 19

Growing up, I was always curious about sex… Out of curiosity, I watched pornography and began to copy what I saw in the videos until I had become addicted. After hearing your talk today I want to open up to my family and make effort to overcome this.

Also, I was so inspired by the testimonies. I’m determined to keep my purity for my future husband. I hope these lectures spread out and everybody can hear them. – Female, 19

I learned so much about living without shadows in High Noon. It’s amazing to see such courageous people share their past shadows and who are so committed to removing shadows in their lives. If that is not a heavenly person then I don’t know what is. It won’t be easy, but I’m committed to removing the shadows from my own life as well. Thank you so much.

Also, the couple’s talk was very helpful. My wife and I are intimate only every 3-5 months. I’m often tired and have become careless and indifferent to my wife. The lecture helped me see that the couple’s intimate relationship is the center of God and True Parents’ love. – Male, 48

What makes High Noon’s education so impactful is their focus on openly sharing their personal testimonies of challenges with pornography and other difficulties and what helped them create victory, and practical guidance on creating communication between couples, parents, and children based on True Parents’ words.

High Noon’s next programs will be in Yeosu on 8/31, Gyeong Nam on 9/1, Jeon Nam on 9/7, and Cheonan on 9/8.

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