Cameroon: 40-Day Hyo Jeon Workshop

By Ndode George, FFWPU Cameroon

We organized a 40-day Workshop at our National Headquarters in Yaoundé Cameroon from July 23 to August 31, 2019. The aim of this workshop was to raise the First Generation, Second Generation, and Jacobs Children in the understanding of the True Parents teachings and life courses. Also to deepen their life of faith and to raise their commitment to fulfilling their responsibilities in line with the wishes and dream at this time by our True Mother, the accomplishment of Vision 2020.

In all, there were 32 participants among which were 23 sisters and 9 brothers, from four countries of the Central Africa sub-region including, 2 from Chad; 7 from CAR; 1 from Congo DR, and 22 from Cameroon.

During the 40 days they were drilled on the Divine Principle, Original Divine Principle, Four Family Loves, Unification Thought, Ten chapters on Internal Guidance, carried out Fundraising practice, Witnessing practice and a pilgrimage to the holy ground.

This was made possible by the General Overseer Rev. Edwin Plakhanov, National  Pastor  of Cameroon, with the collaboration of the YSP President Kamran Nchia, the National Director of Education George Ndode, including the education staff, Jonalus Behuike, Asong Stephen, Lau Asong, Ronald Atoh and Rachel Van Iersel. With the Workshop Coordinator Leocadie Oundou and the kitchen staff, Chantal Gwodog and Charlotte Ndode.

The content and general conduct of the workshop was highly rated by both the participants, staff and the family’s members as the workshop ended in a high spirited level. The schedule started at 4:30 am with wake up followed by HDH at 5 to 6:30 am, then a recess for cleanup and breakfast. While lectures started at 8 am till 8pm with intervals of short breaks, lunch and dinner.

After an elapsed period of about 4 years without a 40-day WS it was with a big sigh of relief that participants expressed their gratitude to Heavenly Parent and True Parents, the NL and all the staff to have made it possible this year.

We are grateful for the financial support given by the Cameroon FFWPU Diaspora in USA to allow this workshop to take place may Heavenly Parents and True Parents Bless them more


Fomenky Roseline Awung, a blessed family sister:

I want to thank Heavenly Parent and True Parents for the love they have for humanity and most especially for me.

My purposes for attending this special 40-day workshop were; one of my breasts has been paining for some time-close to a month and I wanted Heavenly Parent and True Parents to help me to become a filial child to them.  And also they should bless me with a filial son that is someone who love Heavenly Parent and True Parents dearly. One who can be faithful in his relationship centred on Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

My reason for this is because I was once blessed with someone who is not faithful in his relationship. All this is because deep down in me, I know that the True Parents are the messiah and I want to continue walking their path.

I also want to completely cut off from Satan and everything that concern him. I wish to do only good to everyone around me and everywhere I go. I pray for good relationship everywhere I find myself and this should be centered on Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I really want to get rid of my fallen nature.

However, I want to thank Heavenly Parent and True Parents for talking to me through our national leader, Papa Edwin Plekhanov to tell me to take part in the workshop even when I had no money for contribution.

My breast that was paining before I attended the workshop stopped paining during the period that the workshop was going on. Before the workshop I had this strong feeling within me that when I attend the workshop I will be alright. That was exactly what happened with me.

This is a testimony, I will never forget. I use to hear that when one has faith as small as a muster seed that faith can move mountains. My dear people of God, it happened to me in our movement.

I believe and I know that the other reasons for attending the workshop will be achieved too. I will do my best to witness God’s children who were lost because of the fall, so they can come and taste the sweetness of His word too. God being my helper.

May our Heavenly Parent and True Parents continue to guide, protect and sustain the life of our National Leader so he can continue to lead the people. We thank Heavenly Parent and True Parents for being there for us always, Aju!

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