Bulgaria: Memorial Ceremony and Blessing for My Tribe

By Edina Zsolcsak-Dimitrova, FFWPU Bulgaria

We were struggling a lot in the past two years in Bulgaria to organize Peace Blessing Ceremonies but we could bless only one new couple. When I went to Korea in the beginning of this year, for True Parents’ Birthday Celebration, I got a very strong inspiration to hold a blessing ceremony for my tribe in Hungary. I felt that it could help us to break through on the national level.

There was a very natural opportunity to plan a meeting for my relatives, because this year, in 2019, my maternal grandmother would become 100 years old. As part of the preparation, we participated in the ancestors’ liberation and blessing ceremony in Istanbul the previous week with my husband and daughter and we had the Memorial Ceremony combined with a blessing for our relatives in the Peace Embassy in Budapest on 3 August. My sister, my aunt and her two daughters came to the celebration with their families. They were all moved by the program that we prepared with my husband and children.

Even though it was a very small event, I am very grateful that we could make it. I know there was a lot of spiritual work behind and I could not have achieved even that much by myself. I would like to say special thanks to my family and to Hungarian brothers and sisters, especially the newly appointed national leader couple, who supported me to realize this idea. Despite the obvious spiritual support there were constant challenges and obstacles on the way.

Unfortunately, not all the invited ones could come and one of my (strong Catholic) cousins rejected to drink the Holy Wine. On the day I invited my relatives, I understood that my father had been hospitalized and on the way to the event site, our car unexpectedly broke down. All this just confirmed my belief that we are doing something very important and we have to carry it through even with a small result.

I felt the constant support of the good spirit world. There was a very nice atmosphere during the event, I felt very relaxed and confident as soon as I started to speak and the audience responded very positively. All the guests were very busy before and after the event, most of us had to travel the next day, but everybody could make themselves free for the time of the meeting. I felt it was a real miracle and finally the guests were grateful that they took their time, although they all had their own personal challenges.

The first part of the program was organized like a Seonghwa Anniversary: we watched a small presentation from old pictures, listened to a short interview that my son recorded with my mother about her mother, and we shared some nice memories connected to our grandmother. Unfortunately, my parents could not participate personally because of health reasons but my mother contributed greatly to the success of the event through her words and the nice food that she prepared for us.

In the second part, I introduced FFWPU and true family values, read a short part from True Father’s Autobiography and invited my relatives to participate in the Blessing Ceremony. Most of them accepted it very well. Finally, we sang a Bulgarian song about the family with my children, distributed some symbolic presents, shared some food together and had a nice talk with each other and with brothers and sisters who came to support the event.

Next year, in 2020, the same year as True Father, my fathers’ parents will both have their 100th anniversary, and I will have a chance to organize a much bigger gathering, since my father has altogether eight brothers and sisters and all of them have at least one child with a family. I feel that it was a good preparation for that and I am very happy that I could make this small offering before True Father’s 7th Seonghwa Anniversary.

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