Benin: International Day of Peace

Prepared by UPF Benin

On 21 September 2019, we held a celebration of the International Day of Peace at the International House of Culture of Porto-Novo a meeting of several organizations of civil society with the aim to prepare the way to the Peace Summit and the National Blessing in Benin. UPF, WFWP, FFWPU, IAPP and IAPD and YSP in Benin together with the Portal of the African Woman and the Social Action NGO joined this event. We had more than 400 participants including representatives of the different religious denominations and crowned heads, parliamentarians and local councilors, women, young people, and students.

The event began with a prayer by a Muslim Imam and welcoming remarks by the president of the FFWPU Benin, Rev. Emmanuel Allognon. Then we had a brief presentation of the five universal principles of peace by Dr. Zinsou Paterne, Secretary General of the UPF Africa. During the event we nominated two important personalities including the prefect of Oueme, as Ambassador of Peace. After receiving his certificate, the prefect spoke promising that he will bring this state to the highest level with the ideal of peace of which he is now ambassador.

At the end of the award ceremony, representatives of UPF Benin and other organizations spoke about the results of their achievements for the benefit of the people of Benin. UPF representative explained about UPF international and its worldwide works saying that UPF International has involved in the national, regional and international plans to strengthen programs of leadership and good governance including the African Summits held in Dakar, Cape Town, Johannesburg and recently in Seoul and Sao Tome and Principe.

The ideal of integration and African unity is achieved through international and intercultural marriages promoted by the founders Father and Mother Moon. Nearly 40,000 couples have also rededicated their marriage for the peace and happiness of humanity. The program coordinator announced the organization in the near future of a 12000 Family Festival for peace and national blessing.

WFWP Benin and its partners have worked hard for helping to strengthen several homes through Education and Training for Women. Representative of YSP Benin mentioned that herein Benin 13100 young people and students and 750 teachers have already benefited from the character education program. To reduce global warming YSP had a garden of 1500 moringa plants made at CEG Massi and is committed to increasing the experience in the CEGs of Oueme thanks to the collaboration with the politico-administrative authorities. He took the opportunity to advocate that, like the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe, the Beninese government through its Ministries of Education, Culture and Sports open the doors to work together with the YSP on projects aimed at awakening young people’s creativity and channeling their energy for good.

At the end, Dr. Zinsou Paterne hinted that each guest’s response to this celebration is proof that Benin loves Peace. He also mentioned that the leaders will sign the protocol of partnership agreement with the UPF for the realization of the ten projects of the program of the heavenly Africa, a program through which the Mother MOON wishes eagerly to eradicate the ignorance, the juvenile delinquency, the political conflicts, the bad governance, the hunger and poverty and thus transform the framework and living conditions of the people.

The celebration ended with a prayer by evangelist Enock Foundohou.

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