Austria: Leaders and Heavenly Tribal Messiah Meeting

by Elisabeth Cook, FFWPU Austria

The Austrian community leaders, UPF and WFWP, as well as youth Leaders gathered on September 21-22 in order to finalize the plans for 2020. Also, the most important events of the near future have been discussed.

The meeting was conducted under the motto “Noone left behind”, referring to True Mother’s desire to register every blessed family in the Cheon Bo Won.

In the first session the young generation gave reports about their exciting summer activities: Beatrice K. had spent 2 months in Sao Tome, working in the YSP team for the preparations of True Mother’s visit on Sept 6th, 2019, which was a life changing experience for her. Mrs. Yuru P. reported about the European Blessed Family Department meeting in Alba, Italy, and two of our youngest active members had spent one month in Korea, attending the HJ Cultural Workshop. Their group finally performed at the SeongHwa ceremony in the Peace World Centre on August 17th.

Moreover, we got inspiring reports about the recent YSP activities in Vienna, as well as national HARP and CARP reports and an update on the recently started Il Shim program.

In the afternoon the main topic was “Heavenly Tribal Messiahship”. Our guest speakers were Josef and Mikiko Eder from Hamburg. Mikiko explained about the successful HTM work in Nigeria and inspired the blessed families to join this program. After her presentation, Kurt Sattlberger, a HTM from Upper Austria, gave his report about his activities and his investment in Angola as a national messiah. We were deeply moved about the impact he could make in Angola on a national level within a three weeks’ stay. He is another great example of what is possible to achieve on the basis of a wholehearted investment in Africa.

After these presentations the participants of the meeting divided into two groups: the HTM families who had been invited, and the community leaders, UPF & WFWP leaders. The HTMs had the opportunity to share their own experiences about their work as HTMs, and they could consult with Mikiko & Josef, as we as with Kurt.

The community, – UPF & WFWP leaders gave short inputs about their plans as to how they want to present True Parents, especially True Father’s 100th birthday and TPs 60th anniversary of the holy wedding, to the Austrian public. There was a big consensus to organize symposiums,

prayer breakfasts and conferences with religious leaders on the topic of “Peacemakers”, “Men and Women of Peace” and “the Life and work of founders of Religions”, in order to present True Father’s and True Mother’s life, and at the same time giving opportunity to religious leaders to present their own holy men and women.

In connection with these programs we will strife to have a poster exhibition with pictures of the development of our movement worldwide.

The second activity we agreed on was to expand on the Peace Road events we have been doing in different areas of Austria, collaborating with the neighbouring countries.

The third main area of activity is the Blessing. The HTMs will continue to spread the Blessing in their environment, at the same time aiming at having a national level blessing as well.

On the second day, Sunday, the leaders met in the morning before Sunday Service, in order to discuss how to support blessed families so that they can fulfil the blessing in the physical and in the spiritual world.

Also, we discussed our support for True Mother’s visit to Albania. Already almost 30 brothers and sisters decided to attend the event in Tirana, and we are working towards our goal of 40 participants from Austria.

After the Sunday Service which was given by 2nd gen members about their experiences on STF, the leaders meeting continued with Siegfried W. introducing the renewed website of the Austrian Unification Church: and Peter Zöhrer giving an insight into the European Media department’s activities.

The meeting concluded with the resolve to work hard for our immediate goals, as well as taking the necessary steps for the preparations for Foundation Day 2020 and beyond.

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