Austria: Building blocks for a World of Peace

By Alfred Waldmann, FFWPU Austria

A very diverse group of twenty gathered again in our Peace Center in Klagenfurt to take part on this series of seminars, organized by the local chapter of the ,Familiy Federation for Worldpeace and Unification Austria, on September 16, 2019. This time we started with an explanation on Chapter Two from the Unification Principle, very well presented by Gottfried Ibounig. This was followed by a short explanation on the Unification Principle view of Eschatology.

Next highlight was the lecture on activities of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) in Austria by Peter Haider, the chairman of this organization. With pictures and texts on Power Point plus his own authentic explanation it became a very interesting and enthralling part of this seminar.

Musical performances with vocal and guitar at the beginning of each section were given by Alfred Waldmann and Philipp Unterluggauer.

The Seminar ended with vivid discussions around the lunch table with zucchini goulash, coffee and cakes with the mutual promise to continue distinct peace activities in the future.

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